Sunday, March 15, 2020

A One, Two Punch - But Maybe We Can All Find a Bright Spot!

As much as I'd like to rave about our sales so far this year, I think other topics take precedence.

Obviously, the coronavirus is on everyone's mind, even if some people are sure they'll never get it. Neither my husband nor I have ever had anything more than a cold, nevertheless I'm postponing a trip into Phoenix even though so far Arizona only as 13 confirmed cases of the illness.

Like most people, however, I was recently put on one prescription drug (high blood pressure which I've had all my life but managed to survive without medication)...and that drug is made in China, primarily due to the greed of drug companies who want to maximize their profits by not having to have the medicines made in this country. This is, of course, a major vulnerabiltiy for everyone, whether on medication or not. Possibly I could head down to Algodones, MX for more if China refuses to send medical items here.

Then we have the unprecedented reaction of people who have hoarded toilet paper and who knows what else and are now emptying grocery store shelves in their panic. At least on my last trip to Costco for a few items people were civil, although I saw no one enjoying themselves or smiling.

So, what else can go wrong? Well, for starters our house caught fire one week ago. One room was totally destroyed, and my office was damaged beyond use. I can only thank God that my computer still works (bright spot), but it is now somewhere in Phoenix being "cleaned." If Phoenix shuts down like other cities, who knows when I'll ever get it back, and like most people, my life is on my computer and back up - which the cleaning crew also took.

So, we have three rooms that are pretty much history and have to be redone. I have no computer. BUT, I do have a tablet and this nifty, inky dinky keyboard. And we are healthy. Thanks to the generosity of friends who loaned us their 38' Toy Hauler trailer, we are still living on our property and not some motel room forced to eat in restaurants. I can still use my kitchen and shower and laundry room in my house! We're very lucky in that regard. There's another bright spot I was looking for. Hopefully everyone can find one bright spot in their life.

Like many others, I'm unable to pass up articles on this virus. And I had a thought the other day (a rare thing for me I suppose). There is speculation that perhaps heat or UV rays keep some countries relatively free from this virus. That got me to thinking...UV rays come from the sun, which ultimately most of us here in AZ get too much of which can cause other problems, but one thing the sun gives us...Vitamin D. Perhaps those who live in warmer, sunnier climates have more vitamin D in their systems and it is the Vitamin D that protects them from coronavirus.

Please do not run out and buy Vitamin D. I am not a doctor, scientist or any other high-faluten smarty smurff. Just a random thought...or not.

As for the GOOD NEWS: Both A Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule,  and Saving Our Oceans  are having exceptional
sales in 2020. And, even better, more and more organizations are signing up to show suport for the JUST ONE THING Alliance. There's two other bright spots! Unfortunately that piece of information is on my computer, so I can't show it here. Bummer!!

If you're interested in joining the alliance, send me your name and I'll make sure it's posted along with others who are showing support. No fees or donations needed.

Excuse any typos. Can't seem to fix the placement of JUST ONE THING either! Dang. But, seek a bright spot if you can.

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