Saturday, August 25, 2018

Publisher Hopes to Align with Ocean Foundation

Yes, it may seem strange that a book publisher who specializes in westerns and who's located in Wickenburg, Arizona, would align with an ocean organization. But those who know me won't think it strange at all.

Having been born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I am well acquainted with the ocean, the Inside Passage, whales, salmon, sea life and the utter joy and sometimes terrifying fear involved in crossing oceans on a 34' sailboat. My time in Arizona has been, perhaps, a mistake, although an enjoyable one. Several times we at Moonlight Mesa have talked about relocating north again. I keep balking. I hate moving. And we probably won't. However...

For the past 2 1/2 months I've been in the northwest on my little tugboat finally realizing what has been missing in my life. The fact is, I've not been involved in any cause bigger than myself since we relocated to Arizona. I've been looking for "something," but I haven't  known what. I don't know how this happened, but while watching seals, dolphins, and whales, it all came back to me. I am a water person at heart.  I prefer a maritime climate. I need to take my mule and go home, but that's not so easy at this point in time.

I had the pleasure (?) and dismay of reading Plastic Ocean, by Captain Charles Moore, while north. For the first time in many years I felt ignited with fury yet devastated when I read about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Does anyone in Arizona know about this? The patch definitely was not there the two times my husband and I crossed the equatorial zone. Why is the slow demise of the Southern Pod of Orca Whales not being publicized as much as Portland's Antifa or NFL players taking a knee?

By aligning with Ocean Foundation, our goal is to not just donate money from the sales of our water books, but to try to help educate people why the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the declining number of Orcas, the plastic takeover of earth, etc. are IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US, whether we live near the sea or not. That, of course, is a mighty challenge. My staff is almost as excited about this alignment and new direction as I am. We'll be taking the next month trying to devise a plan and a strategy to implement some meaningful course of action. I don't want to "run in circles, scream and shout," but I don't want to wait forever to be proactive and effective.

I think I basically want to go home...but that would be too easy. The challenge is to convince died-in-the-wool desert dwellers that what happens to the oceans deeply affects us all and the future of our planet.

P.S. We spoke out of turn regarding Inland Ocean Coalition. We heard NOTHING from them after many attempts to align with them. We have turned our efforts and interest to Ocean Foundation which is actually a more comprehensive organization.

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