Monday, January 25, 2016

Horse Book and Herpes Book are Top International Ebook Titles for Moonlight Mesa Associates

After going through all the 2015 data regarding sales, I was stunned at the number of international sales several Moonlight Mesa titles had.

Lee Anderson's Developing the Art of Equine Communication experienced very good sales in foreign countries in 2015. The book enjoyed sales in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Australia and a few other countries, not to mention many sales in the United States.

The beauty of Lee's book is the friendly, warm tone in which it is written. The other outstanding quality of his work is the clear explanations for why horses do what they do. I can honestly say that when I read Lee's manuscript, I learned more about why my horse did certain unsettling things than I'd learned from riding him for 20+ years. The book is filled with many "Aha!" moments. "So that's why he does that!" And to make matters even better, Lee tells the reader how to handle the situations too.

The book should be required reading for beginners, but even experienced horsemen will find the book helpful and informative.

Pictured with Lee on the cover of his book is Concho, Lee's rescued racetrack horse who is the star of the show when the two do their presentations.

Lee's book is available in trade paperback either from Amazon, Lee, or Moonlight Mesa. The ebook version, which comes in all formats, does not have any of the illustrations or photos. And as soon as I get around to it, we'll be changing the website to reflect a discounted price on this title.

Our other top-selling international ebook for the third year in a row was P.A. Arnold's Getting a Handle on Herpes. Arnold, a woman well into her 70s, wrote this book after contracting herpes while at a resort. The book is only available as an ebook, but comes in all formats.

Arnold's information is jaw-dropping, but the best thing about the book is that she puts things in perspective for those who have contracted this virus. The book is highly informative, upbeat and often humorous despite the sensitivity of the topic. Arnold does an excellent job discussing a difficult issue and offering hope for the one in four women and one in seven men (maybe one in five now) who have herpes.

Rusty Richards' western biography, Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride, continued to be Moonlight Mesa's  top-selling nonfiction book during 2015. It's likely the documentary on Casey Tibbs that was released in 2015 contributed somewhat to the book's continued popularity.

Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride was released in 2010 in all formats (hard cover, trade paperback, and ebook) and has led the nonfiction books in sales.

So, what's trending for 2016? Nonfiction, that's what. It seems that Jere D. James may be taking a year off from writing westerns, so don't look for another James' novel, although with that author one can never be certain.

Instead, we will be publishing two nonfiction books. One is a guide for the beginner mule rider, and the second is a book on rowing (The Old Folks in the Boat). Both books should be available by fall.
I have yet to receive a completed manuscript of either book for editing, etc. however, so this fall looks to be hectic - what's new about that? Since there will be many photos in both books, don't look for these titles to be available in ebook formats.

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  1. I saw Lee and Concho at Saguaro Ranch Park in Glendale a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it.