Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Moonlight Mesa Presents Deal of the Month for December


The award-winning historical nonfiction Some Gave All, by J.R. Sanders, is our December special.  Stoke up the fire and sit back and read about old west lawmen who died with their boots on!

Sanders does a masterful job of not only describing the horrific murders of the lawmen, but he also gives intriguing accounts of the criminals, the lawmen themselves, and the court proceedings that follow the crimes.

The book contains over 40 original tintypes and photos that enhance the accounts of the heroic men who died in the line of duty but, for whatever reason, failed to become the familiar household and Hollywood names most people have come to know.

This book normally retails for $19.95. It's available from Moonlight Mesa for $16.95 with FREE SHIPPING. Email us to place your order.


And it's not too late to order the Jere D. James western series! Due to popular demand the seven-book series will remain on special for another few weeks.

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