Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Website down! Top Selling Book and Upcoming Projects


Eeeks. Our website is down and may be down a spell. What a mess. It makes me exhausted even thinking about putting another one together. I figure an hour a day will be my max when I finally get around to it. Meanwhile, we are out of reach of email too. Crappy-doodle. This is the last thing I need...the last thing any business needs.


Remarkably, after selling well all summer, A Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule was our top selling book in September, and has started the month of October off very strong also. Although extremely pleased, I guess I'm also a bit shocked as we've done no advertising or promotional work for this book to date. I was confident the book would sell, but not confident in numbers like this.

It's just another indication that we need to focus far more on nonfiction, even nonfiction "how-tos" than western fiction, particularly since we've had no word of any upcoming westerns from our favorite western writer, Jere D. James.

Now if we could just get the rowing book, The Old Folks in the Boat, flying off shelves!


In other good news...Saving a Whale is moving along very nicely. The cover has been decided on - but we are still considering the actual title.  Further, at this point we have decided to publish the book as a paper copy in addition to an ebook. That's right! This isn't a positively, absolutely concrete decision, but it's looking firmer. Likely the book would be formatted as an 8 x 5. Some drawings?

So far the book has focused on whales, plastic debris, recycling, the oceans and the IWC (International Whaling Commission). I think it's looking really good. So does my staff.

We're hoping for a spring release - but the last thing we need to do is to rush this book. Every time I've rushed a book I have lived to regret it.


For better or worse, we have officially abandoned our plastic bags and moved to paper bags for our events. I know---we're wasting trees. But at least our bags are made out of recycled paper! Plus, how can I talk to customers about refusing plastic if
I put their purchased books in plastic bags??? I even had stickers made to go on the bags that do some advertising and urge people to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

Speaking of advertising, I've been asked to speak at the Boyd Ranch's upcoming NTRC equine event about plastic recycling & pollution! Okay, and also the mule ride, but I do plan on mentioning whales in there somewhere too.


That's right. We are officially off Facebook. So is Moonlight Mesa. So is the Boyd Ranch Mule Ride (my pages). It's that horrible, awful, political time of  year. I can't stand reading the hateful blather that gets published. What's equally as bad or worse...I get sucked into reading the comments and find myself responding in a snarky way. I don't like that. No one here wants to do FB except our cover genius, Vin Libassi, but he at least controls himself and is mannerly.  Vin is in Florida, not the office, so since no one here wants to deal with social media...we don't.

Jeez, no FB, no Snapchat, no Twitter and now no website. Hmmm.

I'll let you know when we are operational this rate it may be awhile. Have a great Halloween. I'm taking my 3-year-old grandson trick-or-treating. I'm going as a publisher, which means I'll be wearing old levis, old shirts and boots. But I could go as a mule rider...that would mean I'd be wearing old levis, old shirts and boots.  Big decision.

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