Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. announces book sale, plastic pollution update, and IWC meeting

The ebook version of Saving Tom Black is now on sale until October 5. The title was placed on sale on the Smashwords site. Smashwords is an ebook printer and distributor that distributes to every ebook known to mankind. There is a coupon available on Smashwords where you can order the book no matter what kind of ebook reader you have.

If you have a Kindle, however, you will have to go to Amazon to get the book.  Whew. Rather confusing. I should just switch all our ebook sales to Smashwords and wander off from Kindle.

The issue with Amazon/Kindle, is the utter control they want.  An author or publisher can't sign up for one of their sales tactics if the book is available anywhere else. Grrr.

Saving Tom Black is the first book in the seven book series. We have sold, literally, boxes of this title.

Remember, the sale ends Oct. 5.


Moonlight Mesa is now officially aligned with the Ocean Foundation, the Orca Conservancy, the Plastic Pollution Coalition, and the Sonoran Desert Inland Ocean Coalition. Since only the Ocean Foundation answered my query about using their name on our banner and hand-outs, and they enthusiastically answered, we ASSUMED the others would be enthused also should they find the time to answer!

We have been very busy designing banners, flyers, and ordering "aquatic/pollution" type books for our upcoming November event. In the interim, our banner will be loaned out to an NATRC equine event, along with a recycle bin I managed to get donated, and the NATRC coordinator will be putting our flyers in participants' envelopes! So we are off to a "good feeling" start.

But what makes things worse, for us, is the Japanese are wanting to lift the moratorium on whaling. This is absolutely repulsive beyond belief. Unfortunately, these people already nearly put one species of whales into extinction. They claim the hunt is for "scientific research" but no one believes that when whale meat appears on menus.

This week the IWC is meeting in Brazil to hash out whaling issues. Japan is pressing to have the ban lifted. Many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Brazil , the United States and the European Union among others oppose this. Let's all hope that the ban stays in place!

Our primary interest here at Moonlight Mesa is the Orca, the Humpback, the Blue Whale and the Gray Whale. I am particularly partial to the Orca and the Gray Whale for reasons that date back to my younger sailing years. The Orca is in a precarious state, especially the Southern Resident Orca most familiar in Washington State. These whales are nearing extinction. Tragic.

But, plastic pollution is our primary emphasis here. Oceans, rivers, lakes, streams - every water source is contaminated with carelessly discarded plastic trash. Every year over 1,000,000 sea birds die from ingesting plastic. 100,000 kinds of sea life die. THIS HAS TO STOP. The health of the ocean is intimately connected to the health of the entire planet.

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