Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Will western writer Jere D. James ride again?

Moonlight Mesa Publisher
After a two-year absence, Jere D. James is signaling that another western may be forthcoming in 2019.

Whether Jere will continue the Jake Silver series or adopt a new character remains to be seen. We're holding our breaths here at Moonlight Mesa, awaiting a final announcement by the author. Let's face it, our western sales have slumped since Jere "retired" from westerns after Gunslinger Revenge. My bet is that the author will bring a new main character into play...maybe all new characters.

We have a small bet here in the office: Renee says that Jere will follow up on Richard Moody, the popular gunslinger in the Jake Silver series. Tom's wagering that the author will start another series entirely. I'm betting that a female will be the lead character in any new book. Several readers have commented in the past that Jere seems to know females unusually well.

So...we're kind of excited about this prospect, to say the least. Since our calendar for 2019 is EMPTY at this point, we're don't need an answer right now.

NO YOGA, but maybe a DREAM

After reviewing the first three chapters of the proposed yoga book we'd been tempted with, reluctantly we had to take a pass. Unanimously we felt it wouldn't work for us - and if it doesn't work for us, we can't make it work for the author.

However, one project that has been dormant for quite some time is showing signs of revival.  Dream is a fiction piece about a woman who literally is lost in her dream (dementia).  From what I can tell this is the idea, anyway. It's a bit confusing at this point, but I can see the potential. We were contacted by the author in late May, assuring us she had not abandoned the tale. Since no contract has been signed, we'll just have to patiently wait.

Everyone else who has queried us has been put on hold until we return in September.


We're preparing to close up for the summer around the 19th of June for a two month book tour in the Pacific Northwest. I had a special banner made up to hang on the boat since we're featuring three water titles (appropriate since we'll be on a boat). We're taking a few copies of all the books, however.

It's already hot here...Arizona HOT. I'm ready to head north! I've a lot of inlets I'm wanting to row and may add those adventures to the last half of The Old Folks in the Boat and reissue that title. That's a lot of rowing and writing to accomplish by fall if we're going to update.

Will I make it up Jervis Inlet this year? Stay tuned.

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