Thursday, May 10, 2018

Publisher snags an esoteric topic for publication?

I don't know what's gotten into me of late. Possibly my decision to accept a query on a yoga book stems from my being utterly and absolutely unproductive for the last few months (other than all my volunteer hoopla which takes up a lot of time and energy). So yes, strangely enough I received a query for a yoga book currently in its very early stage of creation, and somehow it simply struck me as interesting and unusual. Why not?

Even my miniscule staff here at Moonlight Mesa, after staring at me stunned into speechlessness for many long seconds, began to grow a bit enthusiastic about something totally new - and something none of us knows anything about. Absolutely nothing, to be exact.

Until a contract is issued and signed, I can only refer to the author by her first name - Hannah. There's no title yet, but I have to say that Hannah submitted the most enthusiastic, sincere, and persuasive letter introducing herself and her ambitious goal in writing the book. We'll know much more when the first few chapters arrive which I won't see until September since I'll be on my little tugboat trying to sell our rowing book...another niche market item. If Hanna's chapters are as good a read as her query, we're in business.

There are already a number of excellent yoga books in print - I checked on Amazon. To me, however, the beauty of Hannah's book is that she's a beginner, not a well-toned, meditating practitioner of this ancient art. Whole new approach and attitude. As I say, time will tell. I'm wondering, though, if we'll all end up becoming plant-based eaters once we're immersed in this topic! Some how I think of yoga and plant-based eating as partners.

So, that brings us to our two most recent publications,  The Old Folks in the Boat  and our muley book, A Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule.


I don't know why, but I'm a bit surprised that our muley book is selling pretty well with no advertising or marketing, and our rowing book is NOT. Are there just more wannebe mule riders than wannebe rowers? Possibly. Both are small markets, no doubt. At least those who have read the rowing book tell me they loved it - but there aren't very many of them yet!

As usual we'll close the office up in July and August while we spread to cooler parts of the country. And as usual, I'll be on my tiny tug up north with books to sell - this year the focus is on the rowing book, but I have advertising along for all our titles.

I'll also be looking for "seniors" who love what they do and do what they love who are willing to contribute a chapter about themselves and their activities for our publication now in limbo: What Are You Waiting For? I refuse to write people's chapters for them. You'd think in a time when everyone in the country says they want to write a book, that writing a chapter would be a breeze. Hmmm.

In case no one here gets another blog out before July arrives, we here at Moonlight Mesa Associates hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled summer - or at least a productive one. Or restful  -  just whatever you want it to be.

Gunslinger  back in the water after launch in Anacortes, WA.

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