Friday, March 30, 2018

Moonlight Mesa Publishing Resuming After 3-Month Volunteer Frenzy

Egads. It's been three months since anyone around here (me included) has bothered to write a blog. Not sure anyone even noticed, actually.

The past three months have been horrendously busy - that's my excuse. Too much volunteer stuff is what it boils down to. Granted, the volunteer stuff is FUN, but it's not exactly lucrative.

So, now...down to business.

A Beginner's Guide to Own a Mule

We do have one vendor so far for this engaging also received a positively killer review, but I guess you'd have to be into mules to really appreciate it, and that's a micro-sized audience despite the growing popularity of mules.  Still, it's a start. We'll be running ads in some "mule magazines" and I'll soon be calling on feed and tack stores that also carry a small smattering of books.

We only have two months to really get this title launched as we'll be closing our office again in July and August while everyone disperses to cooler climes. Of course, I could do the smart thing and hit up a bunch of mule shows and probably sell boxes of books, but I probably won' least this year. As for me, I'll be on my itsy-bitsy tugboat peddling our other new book, The Old Folks in the Boat.

Gunslinger at anchor

The Old Folks in the Boat

 This is a northwest book if there there was one. Somehow in the cramped quarters of our little Nordic Tug I'll be stashing lots of copies! I just have to remember the bad Canadian exchange rate and sell the book for enough Canadian money to at least pay for the printing.

Reception of both books on Facebook was zero to none - not too surprised. To be blatantly honest, I only do Facebutt, I mean Facebook, to help spread the word of the mule ride that Moonlight Mesa sponsors and that I organize, run, direct, or whatever it's called when you're in charge of everything. You can like us, by the way, at Boyd Ranch Mule Ride on Facebook, should you be so inclined.

Speaking of rowing, if the wind would ever ease off, I'd be up at the lake in a heartbeat rowing! It seems when it's nice and calm I'm stuck in the office. Drats. Maybe April will be better.

No New Titles on the Horizon

At this time, we have absolutely no new titles under consideration. The response to my senior athlete book was also zero to none. I'm not about to write people's chapters for them! So I guess we're in limbo, but that's okay and it feels kind of good not have deadlines and squabbles. I will, however, likely begin another boating book this summer...Inlets of British Columbia. I'll row quite a few and linger at anchorage enjoying the beauty of cool air, the sweet smell of water, and the lonely cry of  seagulls flying high. Just wish Jere James would pen another western for us and it would be perfect!

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