Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Publishing News: Ups and Downs Never End

One would think, after ten years or so in the publishing business, that there wouldn't be that many new snafus plaguing us. If one thinks that, one's thoughts are erroneous!

The Old Folks in the Boat  is still NOT in print. It's been over a month now that we are waiting for a new proof copy. The photos in the first proof were so poorly done, that we had to resubmit the title with our complaint. Ingram, of course, took their sweet time to examine the book to finally declare that the problem was indeed, as I told them, a result of insufficient ink.

I'm still waiting for the new proof copy and it's been over three weeks now. We may have to cancel our signing in Seattle at this rate.

The issue here is that when a book has 44 photos, it's rather important that they are clear and of a good resolution. Photos are a major part of this work. I can't even begin to describe the fits I've had trying to deal with the "customer service" people. They are certainly courteous and nice on the phone, but nothing gets accomplished. Lip service only.

It's so strange that we had none of these print problems with photos when we were able to use XP. Once XP died, we had to go with Windows 7. It's a  far inferior program, at least for us.


While The Old Folks in the Boat  is languishing, our second title of the year, A Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule, looks as though it may cross the finish line this month! We are awaiting a proof copy (printed). The pdf proof copies don't tell the whole truth!

The final cover took a bit of time, but as always our cover designer, Vin Libassi, came through. Of course, Windows 7 has snags so we can't show both front and back cover pages.


Although Jered will be dropping by to fill any book orders this month, the rest of us are deserting the office. It has been a dreadfully stressful last two months trying to get these two books into print. Even though I still don't have hard copies of the titles, they are now in the works and should be finalized this week. At this point it looks like both new titles will be released in February at the Gold Rush Days event. I don't see our rowing book selling like pancakes here in the desert, but the mule book should do reasonably well.


It seems that Robert Walton's brilliant Civil War novel, Dawn Drums, may win this year's People's Choice Awards! Six days are left in the contest. If anyone wants to help us out, please vote for this outstanding historical novel. All you have to do is go to You'll need to scroll through the pages to about page 14 or wherever it says historical fiction. The titles are arranged alphabetically.

Meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday season. I hope you all enjoy Christmas and the New Year! From the few of us here at Moonlight Mesa Associates, we wish you a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy!

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