Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Publisher Sees Big Progress on NewTitles

Finally! After more than two years of wrangling around, Moonlight Mesa's long-awaited rowing book has been uploaded to the printer where it is currently being validated. Next will be a proof copy (if the validation goes okay). It's taking a long time, though, which is generating some concern.

Moonlight Mesa's cover designer (Vin Libassi) surprised everyone with this final cover, but everyone feels that it reflects what the book is truly about. Ultimately it's not just about rowing...it's about doing things you want to do before you're a goner. That's putting it pretty simply and bluntly, but hopefully the book will be one that is inspiring as well as humorous and informative.

AND, it's official that The Old Folks in the Boat  will be released at the Seattle Boat Show at the Captain's Nautical Supply location both Friday and Saturday, February 2nd and 3rd. Coffield will be on hand both days to sign copies and talk rowing!

To top things off, The Old Folks in the Boat received a terrific review by author Robert Walton.


Moonlight Mesa's second project for 2017 is nearing completion. Only one chapter remains to be written in A Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule. The cover design is now in the works. As always, the publisher's main designer, Vin Libassi, is doing the cover for this title. Other art work for the book is slowly coming in. At least one vendor has already pre-ordered copies! How about that!

"This year has been a bit of a stress," publisher Becky Coffield recently said. "Our 2017 books are coming out in January of 2018. We just couldn't get things together for some reason. Well, I suppose one reason is that I had to row 200 miles to finish the rowing book."

So far only one project has been selected for 2018. Coffield said it's supposed to be a "collaboration" by about 20 authors. "We'll see how many follow through," she said. Because so many are involved in the project, profits from the sale of the book will be earmarked for Moonlight Mesa's scholarship program.


Since Moonlight Mesa Associates is slowly transitioning to nonfiction, a total website make-over is planned, probably during December. A news release will announce the change locally. "I want to somehow get word to PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writers Association), Arizona Authors Association, and other groups that we are looking for nonfiction," Coffield said. "So far we're wide open to ideas. I know nonfiction is a whole other ballgame. It's not easy, but it's what our demographic wants, especially since Jere D. James has retired from westerns."

Coffield herself plans on penning another nonfiction title, likely a boating/travel book. "Now that's research I enjoy," the publisher said. "What's not to like about being on the
tugboat for months traveling around?"

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