Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Rowing Book Going to Press Oct 15?? Plus Other Publishing News

Unless a major snafu occurs, The Old Folks in the Boat  will go to press by October 15th, at the latest! Finally...more than two years after the project was started it is, by all appearances, finally complete.

Unfortunately, "we've got problems...technical ones." Despite the best brains available, the photos will simply not stay (or go) in CMYK, and the printer  (Lightning Source aka Ingram) will not take RGB. It is the single most disappointing result I could ever imagine for this book," said Becky Coffield, publisher. "The color photos ARE THE BOOK."

Coffield will hold on as long as possible before submitting the work to Ingram, but there is a limit. "We've already pre-sold over 500 copies," Coffield said, "and vendors are expecting the book for Christmas sales." The book will not be released for general circulation most likely until it is formally released at the Seattle Boat Show. "The way things are going, I'm not exactly feeling like going to the boat show." Copies will be available from Moonlight Mesa Associates directly, however.

But, it is what it is. "At least printing costs will be much, much lower," Coffield said, "which keeps the sales price lower."


Meanwhile, Beginner's Guide to Owning a Mule is coming along. One chapter remains to be written, and that will happen after the author attends a Ty Evans' Mule Clinic in late October.
Coffield is not sure yet if the book will be made available in print or only be
 available as an ebook.

The only other title that Coffield has put out as an ebook only is Getting a Handle on Herpes, by P.A. Arnold. "That book has done extremely well," Coffield said. "I was stunned by its reception. Truly. We would have put it out in hard copy, but the book is just too short. Still, it might have sold well considering that apparently one in six people has genital herpes!"


Moonlight Mesa has recently made it official that the company will be publishing only nonfiction for the foreseeable future. "Jere D. James is not writing westerns at this time," Coffield said, "so unfortunately that era is over. Although we've had some extremely nice western submissions, we have made a firm commitment to only go with nonfiction for now. It's been hard to turn people down, I will admit."

In fact, Moonlight Mesa will most likely be relocating to the San Juan Islands in the not too distant future.  Coffield feels that westerns just won't work well there. Although the move is several years out,  according to the staff Coffield is already making preparations. Vin Libassi, cover designer, will stay on board - even though he's relocating to Ecuador. Rene Witty will not be affected since she is a "computer-commuter" already. A historian editor will no longer be needed , nor will an acquisition manager.  A new "proof-reader" specialist will likely be picked up, along with a seasonal office manager. "I hope to be in Arizona in the winter as much as possible!" Coffield said.

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