Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mid Summer Publisher Woes

Well, it's mid summer here in the desert, and true to their cowardly colors, half of my miniscule staff have abandoned ship. I only wish I also could leave this year. Last year we closed down for two months while everybody vacated the Arizona territory, but this year I'm here...reluctantly...but here.

It's kind of too bad that I've let people wander off. Recently I received a great proposal by an author, but alas another publisher made him an offer, and I couldn't justify holding him up on a decision until everybody returned. I'd pretty much made the decision to accept his work, but it likely would've been 2019 before we could've gotten his book out because our calendar is cluttered with half proposals and potential projects. So, I graciously let the gentleman move on. Bummer for us and probably a bad decision on my part. Nothing new there.


Becky in her restored skiff, Salvage
The Old Folks in the Boat , our premier rowing book, is coming together! A back cover photo has been selected, and the front cover has been updated with a new photo! The July chapter needs to be finished, and then the August chapter and voila! It's DONE. The very final chapter has been written for some time. Meanwhile, I've chosen a great person to write a Foreward. Clay Ward, a Postural Specialist and Physiology Expert will be writing the Foreward...once I inform him of that. :)

The book, it turns out, will be available  from Moonlight Mesa late this fall, but it will not be officially released until the Seattle Boat Show in January 2018. Honestly, we're stoked!

What Are You Waiting For?

This future project is beginning to take shape. So far four individuals have been selected for inclusion in the work. Robert Walton, mountaineer and author, has been chosen for inclusion, as has Lee Anderson (horseman/trainer), Bill Jacobson (hiking the Pacific Crest Trail) and Doug Kelch (rower). There are several other possible candidates for inclusion in the work, including Jeannine Brucha (equine drill team and dressage rider). Candidates must be at least 70-years-old old at the time of selection for the book. We're hoping there will be 12 to 15 individuals highlighted, hopefully more.


Although Jere James insisted that there'd be no more westerns, I've heard a rumor that the author has grown restless and may be thinking of penning another book. The rumor is that James will start with new characters...apparently Jake Silver has indeed been laid to rest. More on this as the rumors circulate. Nothing's certain, just rumblings.

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