Friday, June 2, 2017

Publishing News from the Far West

YIKES! How many months have passed since we last blogged? Maybe I should count that in YEARS! Our bad.


Arizona Talking Books Library has so far selected two of Moonlight Mesa's titles to be included in their audio book library for the blind and visually impaired! These tapes and a special tape player are available to those who qualify. In addition, the books can be sent out to other states for their blind/impaired readers. Unfortunately, neither the authors nor the publisher receive any financial compensation, but every Moonlight Mesa author save one was happy to have their work donated to this great cause.

J.R. Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler  and Jere D. James' Saving Tom Black are the first two books selected.  

In other good news...It looks like a sure thing that the long-awaited rowing book, The Old Folks in the Boat, will be available late this year. FINALLY. The  photos will most likely be in color, too! Depending. We want to keep the price reasonable, so we'll see what Ingram has to offer for color printing.

In addition to rowing 200 miles this summer, the author also committed to riding her mule for 200 miles, and hiking for 200 miles! She has until Sept. 20 to accomplish these goals and have the finished manuscript on my desk ready to upload and go to the editor!

FORTHCOMING MULE BOOK? Yes, that idea is back and being bandied about. We'll know more in a few months...but if it comes to pass...look for a late 2018 publication date.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Another title in the system being considered.

SADLY...The Cowboy Up Contest is being cancelled due to lack of entries...due to lack of marketing. Refunds are on their way.

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