Saturday, June 24, 2017

Good News - Not so Good News

Good News:

The small staff at Moonlight Mesa Associates is truly, absolutely thrilled that Arizona Talking Books Library has elected to add all seven Jere D. James' westerns (The Jake Silver Series) to their audio collection. In addition, they also added "Some Gave All," by J.R. Sanders. This is Sanders' second book to be chosen for the AZ Talking Books Library, the first being his young reader, "The Littlest Wrangler."

For those who may not know, The Talking Books Library is an organization that produces audio books for the visually impaired, blind, and handicapped. The people who qualify for this program are given a special audio device that plays the tapes. Almost every state has an organization like this, and the books can be shared across the country.

There is absolutely no financial compensation for the authors or publisher, but both James and Sanders believed the contribution of their works to be highly worthwhile. As the publisher, Becky Coffield could not be more pleased.

Other good news - great strides have been made on "The Old Folks in the Boat," a rowing book almost, almost assured of publication this fall barring no last minute issues. "One of  the biggest problems has been  with the color photos in the layout," Coffield said. "But I think we're doing okay. That, and I'm still not thrilled with the cover even though our cover guy, Vin Libassi, has been trying a lot of different colors and approaches. We still have time to iron this out, though. Plus we do need a couple more really good photos."

Finally - For whatever reason, and no one is complaining, June has been the best June for sales that Moonlight Mesa has had in years. "That doesn't say much," Coffield said. "But we are way ahead of last year and the year before which were practically zilch. Summer is a slow time for our book sales. In fact, our best season is November through March, maybe April."

Not So Good News -

Unfortunately, the Cowboy Up Contest had to be cancelled this year. Manuscripts and checks will be returned immediately. "We just didn't have enough entries to cover the cost of judges, mailings, and cash prizes for the winners," Coffield said. "This was supposed to be a "scholarship" raising event, too. I guess the scholarship this year won't amount to much. We're hoping the new rowing publication will help that out."

Coffield blames lack of marketing and advertising for the low turnout of manuscripts. "We just lost sight of the contest because we've been so obsessed with the rowing project," she said. "It's really a shame and nobody's fault but my own."

Moonlight Mesa gives a scholarship every year to a youth organization to help defer fees for children whose parents cannot afford to pay.


  1. Congrats on the sales, but too bad on the story contest. Anyway, Happy 4th of July!

  2. Hey Oscar,

    Thanks for your input. Sales were good in June for a change, but I was really hoping to resurrect the Cowboy Up Contest. Maybe a new angle will work. Anyway, thanks for your comment! Take care.