Thursday, January 26, 2017

Writing Contest Now Open, So Cowboy Up!!

Publisher Becky Coffield and her mule, Reba Peru
The semi-annual Cowboy Up Contest is now open for entries. "We took two years off from this contest," said publisher Becky Coffield, "but we're back and will be offering the contest biannually again (every two years)."

Information about the contest and the entry form can be found on Moonlight Mesa Associates' website. Just click on Cowboy Up Contest. Applications are accepted from January 1 to June 1.

"We have four judges lined up to read the entries," Coffield said. "Part of the expense of the contest is postage for mailing manuscripts around the country to California, Florida, and Colorado and back, where the judges reside. Either I or my acquisition editor will be judging also."

People who want their score sheets from the judges need to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with their entry. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded in late fall.

"There have been a few folks who have questioned the fee for this contest. This is a self-supporting contest," Coffield explained. "The entry fees pay the winners; they pay for the postage for sending manuscripts around the country, and they pay for some of the judges who do charge for their services. We want qualified readers judging the entries. Any funds left over are dedicated to our scholarship fund. For the past two years we have gifted a scholarship to Sisters Parks and Recreation in Sisters, Oregon, to be used for participation fees for children whose parents may not have the money to pay for the activities. In addition, this past year we also donated money to Wickenburg Parks and Recreation for a Splash Pad for kids."

The contest is open to both fiction and nonfiction entries.

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