Monday, December 26, 2016

Award-Winning "Northern Escape" is January Special

Set largely in S.E. Alaska, Northern Escape, Moonlight Mesa's award-winning suspense novel, is this month's publisher special.

"This is a great book that has had excellent reviews," said Renee Witty, publisher assistant. "The biggest complaint we get about it is that people can't put it down. The suspense novel was an Arizona Authors Literary Contest winner. It was also the very first cover done for us by our long time associate, Vin Libassi."

Northern Escape was originally published by another publishing house, but Moonlight Mesa bought the inventory out and reissued the book, keeping the same cover with only changes to the ISBN and publisher information. The book received stellar reviews and sold well in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. "I think just about everyone in the state of Alaska read the book," Witty commented. "People liked that all the names of places, spellings, etc. were correct!"

"We figured since most of the country is deep in winter right now, that this was a great time to promote this title," Witty said. "I know the book will be promoted again next summer in the Northwest when the publisher travels that way."

Northern Escape  is the first book in the Ben Thomas trilogy. According to Witty, many think it's the best, although Death in the Desert, the third book is shocking. "I think we tend to favor Northern Escape around here," Witty said, "because it was also Moonlight Mesa's first fictional title. Maybe that's why."

The price for the publisher special is $11.00 + s/h. That's $5 off the regular price. The book can be purchased at this price on our website, or you can email us also. It's also available on Amazon and is in ebook format as well as a Large Print Edition.

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