Sunday, November 27, 2016

Publisher Offers Western Special for December

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Western Book Publisher, will be offering the LARGE PRINT EDITIONS of Saving Tom Black and Apache, the first two books in the Jake Silver Adventure Series for the December special. "These books make a terrific gift for visually impaired people," said publisher Becky Coffield. "The books are printed in 16 font."

We normally sell the Large Print Editions for $19.95 plus s/h because of the cost of printing and shipping, but for this special books can be purchased for $12.50 each plus s/h. That is a $7.45 savings on each book," Coffield said. "People can choose whether they want the books sent Priority Flat Rate or Media Mail. We prefer shipping via Priority for quick, assured delivery, especially at this time of year."

"If you have someone on your gift list who has vision problems, these two westerns will be sure to please. In addition, the other Jake Silver westerns are also available in a LARGE PRINT EDITION, so if they love the first two books, more can be ordered later, and we will honor this price - but you'll have to remind us you ordered the December special!" Becky said.

In fact, Moonlight Mesa will soon be sending complimentary copies of many of the company's titles
to the Arizona Talking Books Library. This is an organization that is actually part of a national organization that supplies a kind of "books on tape" to visually impaired people. Readers are given a special device to listen to the books on, so it's not like books on a CD that can be purchased in a store.

Jere D. James has readily consented to the free distribution of his books to Arizona Talking Books as has R.L. Coffield. Several other authors have been asked if they'd like to participate. "Because no royalties are paid, there will probably be a few authors who don't want to have their work given away for free...even to a cause like this," the publisher said. "However, I haven't heard back from everyone, so maybe all the authors will find this to be a rewarding gesture."

SURPRISE surprise!

Moonlight Mesa Associates will be in Surprise, Arizona, December 3 for an all day Arts and Crafts Event. "We haven't done an event like this in years," the publisher said. "But, it's an event that's close to home, so we don't have to hire a house-sitter, we don't have to travel up mountains pulling that huge trailer, and we can be home in time to feed the mules - a bit late, maybe, but we'll be home. I thought we'd try it out. I only hope I have enough inventory left from the Blue Grass Festival!"

If you're in Surprise, stop by Moonlight Mesa's booth and say hello. Better yet, buy a book while  you're there too!


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