Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Publisher News: Cowboy Up Contest, Scholarships, New Publications, and a Monster Postponement


Rowing book will be postponed for one year
Oh dear. This is unbelievable. Ready? The new title Moonlight Mesa publisher was set to release in November is going to be postponed for a full year. The Old Folks in the Boat  is just not ready for publication, according to publisher Becky Coffield who is very disappointed in the second half of the book. "The first half of the book is fun, entertaining, and informative. The second half? Not so much," according to Coffield. In addition, the publisher decided to go with color photos, so the printing cost will be much higher. "For this reason alone, the second half of the book needs to be every bit as good as he first part," Coffield said, "maybe even better since the selling price will have to be raised a bit due to increased costs."

Moonlight Mesa's small staff reluctantly agreed that the book needed more "meat," although cover designer Vin Libassi was the first to suggest it. So next year, after rowing Knight Inlet (100 miles) and possibly rowing a great deal of the outside of Vancouver Island (weather permitting) or making it to S.E. Alaska, the second half of the book should come together with a great deal more depth and interest. "Rowing like this may not seem overly difficult to young people, but readers will have to remember that the author will be nearly 70-years-old. Part of the point of this book is to encourage people to take up arms against giving in to old age."

Meanwhile, Coffield has taken a hard look at a query by new author Stu Clark who has written a memoir about a year spent sailing the Bahamas. "The book has great potential," the publisher said, "but the author has to agree to some changes. I think the book could be very helpful to others wanting to cruise in this area. We're looking forward to seeing what the re-write looks like."

And author Geno Lawrenzi is at work on a nonfiction western about gamblers and gunmen for Moonlight Mesa Associates. Lawrenzi is an established author having multiple published articles and at least one book in print.

Despite the books "in the works," Moonlight Mesa Associates will have no new publications in 2016. "This is a first for us, I think, but we could have three new nonfiction titles out in 2017," Coffield said. "That'd be nice since our goal is to move toward nonfiction!"


In addition to the Blue Grass Festival slated for November 11, 12 and 13, Moonlight Mesa will also be participating December 3rd in the 15th Annual Surprise Party in Surprise, Arizona. The publisher will also be doing a show in January, but has not yet decided which one. And, of course, Gold Rush in Wickenburg is on the calendar in February. Jere D. James will be at all three shows signing books.


Don't forget about the upcoming 2017 Cowboy Up Contest. Information and application forms are on the website: Contest is open from January to June. Awards made in the fall.

FINALLY - Scholarship and Sponsorship

The publisher on her mule, Reba Peru. 2015
Once again Moonlight Mesa will be offering a scholarship of some type in December. Last year the recipient of the scholarship was Sisters Parks and Recreation in Sisters, Oregon. The money was dedicated to pay user fees for children whose parents could not afford to pay for their children to participate in activities. "We just don't have the funds right now to put people through college," Coffield said. "We'd like to eventually look at trade school scholarships and things like that. For now, this is all we can afford, and I think it's certainly for a good cause."

Moonlight Mesa Associates is also a big sponsor for the annual Boyd Ranch Mule Ride. "We pay for
many items for this ride, and we contribute many gifts for the door prize drawings," Becky said. "We also organize and run the ride! It keeps us busy, that's for sure, but it's a fun event."


You can see Moonlight Mesa Associates on Facebook and also the Boyd Ranch Mule Ride is there too!

Renee Witty

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