Sunday, September 25, 2016

Publisher Announces New Release, Cowboy Up Contest, and Upcoming Events

WILD! Our 26' Nordic Tug was home for us for seven
fantastic weeks.
A terrific time was had by all! Well, maybe the cat, Zippy, wasn't all that pleased about being on a boat for seven weeks, but my husband, Tom, and my Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Holly, were more than happy.

Tom and Holly in my salvaged rowing boat
in Princess Louisa (Before the remodel job)
As it turned out, the rowing shell I had planned on buying for the trip to "row the Inside Passage," just couldn't double as a skiff to transport Tom, Holly and me to shore. I insisted I had to have a rowing boat  though. "I can't possibly finish the book about rowing if I don't have a rowing boat," I announced. As it turned out, I was extraordinarily fortunate to find a derelict, half-sunk rowing skiff in Friday Harbor that I bought for $100. The same boat new cost $1900. While Tom wasn't very enthusiastic about the purchase, it was almost the perfect answer for my dilemma.

In any case, since returning home to Wickenburg, the cost of the boat has skyrocketed to $ husband, a shipwright by trade, just had to make basically re-doing the entire boat, and then (of course) I had to buy a small trailer for it. I only wish I'd have taken a close-up "before" picture, so the improvements in the "after" picture could be appreciated. The boat is becoming a thing of beauty. I dread the first scratch my dog puts on the new mahogany seats and trim! Heaven forbid when the boat gets dragged over oyster shells and rocks on the beach.

But back to business, and busy we are after closing down for two months.


It seems almost a certainty now that The Old Folks in the Boat  will be available by late November. Once again Vin Libassi is our cover designer. The book will not be officially released until later, but we will have pre-publication copies here at Moonlight Mesa Associates, and we will be offering a holiday discount. Books will be signed too!

We are also looking at another possible boat publication, but it is much too soon to get excited or make official announcements. The nonfiction book is about a disastrous sailing trip to the Caribbean.

If this project works out, it will be a great start to our new "direction" of nonfiction publications. Since Jere D. James is no longer in the writing mode, we are reorganizing to specialize in nonfiction - preferably travel and boating, but we'll consider most anything. After all, one of our top-selling books is Getting a Handle on Herpes, a small ebook we issued several years ago.


As announced earlier this summer, the Cowboy Up Contest has resumed. Entries may be submitted between January 1 and June 1. Fiction or nonfiction. The guidelines are posted on our website:


So far, only the Four-State Blue Grass Festival is on our calendar, but there will be more events added very shortly. Hope to see you at one of them!

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