Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The End of a Great Run: No More Hardbound Copies of Casey Tibbs

After a long run, and thousands of books sold, the decision has been made not to have any more hardbound copies of Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride printed. According to publisher Becky Coffield, there are still some hardbounds out there, but she sent the last copies she had to the author, Rusty Richards. "The book is six years old now. It's pretty much had its time in the limelight. Ordering thousands of more copies is expensive, and since sales have slowed in the last year  it's just not a sound financial decision," Coffield said.

"I think that Dakota West Books in South Dakota may have some books in stock, however," Coffield said. "The owner bought maybe 15 or 20 cases of the book from us two years ago. The hardbound edition is no longer available on Amazon, but the trade paperback is still in print as is the ebook. The problem with the ebook, quite frankly, is there are no photos," Coffield said. "The file was just too big to include photos, and the photos that go with the book are absolutely magnificent."

Rusty Richards has been one of the most wonderful people to work with, according to Coffield. "Rusty personally sold probably 2,000 copies of his book at the various events he attends and performs in." The author, a former Hollywood stuntman for westerns and bull rider, is also a poet and songwriter who used to sing with the Sons of the Pioneers. "He is a true gentleman and has been a real pleasure to do business with," Coffield said. Richards recently won the Chester A Reynolds Award. "I was devastated not to be there," Coffield said. "I was having my bout with shingles at that time. Had the dang things been anywhere but on my face I most certainly would have attended! Rusty is truly worthy of that award."


Moonlight Mesa will be closed this summer for August and September. There will be no staff available, so book orders will have to go through Amazon. "Well, I will have some copies with me," Coffield said, "but since I'll be on the water, getting to a post office will be very difficult."

Instead of "Rowing the West," Coffield has decided she'd rather "Row the Inside," and will be taking her wherry to Puget Sound and rowing in the San Juan Islands, Canadian Gulf Islands, and hopefully further north. "So much depends on the weather. We have a boat we can travel on that can transport the wherry (awkwardly) wherever we want to go, but still, we'll need fairly calm seas for much rowing. I think we'll get in plenty of rowing time, though."

Coffield went on to say, "You know, I hate to admit it, but I've become
Tom Coffield in rowing wherry he built
a softy. After my two days camping in 100* heat at Lake Havasu with no shade, I just couldn't see myself spending a month or two in a tent traveling the West rowing on lakes. It's just too hot for me. My husband came up with this great idea. I jumped on it the moment it came out of his mouth!"

Coffield insists the book, The Old Folks in the Boat, will be in print by the end of the year. "I'm taking a computer and can write as we go," she said.


Coffield said she and staff will definitely be doing  more events in 2016-17. "We've all slacked off. Events are very tiring and stressful, but we have no choice. As Jere James likes to say, 'A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...and so does a woman.'" Coffield plans to start up in October once back in the office. Events will be posted here.

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