Thursday, March 17, 2016

Great Buys on Ebooks with COUPONS!

Currently Moonlight Mesa is offering five titles available as ebooks at a greatly reduced price. The offer has been on for some time, but somehow I didn't realize I had to actually INFORM people about this. I guess I figured people would find out by osmosis or whatever.

So, if you have an e-reader, currently there are discounts on five of our titles. These titles are available via Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo, and literally a host of other e-reader providers. The Kindle discounts are coming soon.

For P.A. Arnold's Getting a Handle on Herpes,  the coupon code is TL29P

Award-winning suspense 
Robert Walton's Dawn Drums has a code of EC94S

Steamy western romance
Paula Silici's A Way in the Wilderness (western romance), has a code of LQ99G

For Northern Escape, R.L. Coffield's novel,  the code is HF46X

And the wildly popular Saving Tom Black  by Jere D. James has a code of GP78V

Some of these coupons expire April 1; others expire April 30.


Happily the annual mule ride sponsored by us went off extremely well. Shingles and all. So, moving on....


Gold Rush and the Mule Ride behind us, once I finish getting tax crapola ready for the CPA, work will resume on our forthcoming publications. Serious work. Stay tuned!

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