Monday, February 29, 2016

Publisher Woes...and Success

Good grief. All my carefully made plans have fallen to the wayside. It seems, folks, that I should have gotten the shingles shot! I regret to say that events I've been carefully planning have been put on hold, or are being  cancelled altogether, due to my having an outbreak of shingles. Had the outbreak occurred anywhere but my face, I might have been able to forge on,  Unfortunately it is on my face. Nothing more appetizing than a face covered in creepy blisters, right?

I'll be laying low for a few weeks; however, maybe I'll get some work done on the two books that are supposed to be out this fall! Oh yes, and taxes! Maybe I won't have to ask for an extension this year.


At least I can report that the annual Gold Rush Festival which Moonlight Mesa has participated in for 9 years now, was a success. We actually sold out of a few copies of our books, and came perilously close to selling out on several others. Jere D. James, with seven books to the author's name, was our best selling author. Lee Anderson, author of Developing the Art of Equine Communication showed up to sign books with his horse Concho after the parade and sold some too. And happily, the four-time award-winning Dawn Drums, by Robert Walton, sold very well. Our short story anthology, Award-Winning Tales sold out largely because I didn't order enough copies. Grrrr.


Unfortunately, I will likely be forced to cancel the annual Boyd Ranch Mule Ride. This is a ride Moonlight Mesa has sponsored for the last four years. Because Moonlight Mesa is largely a committee of one, cancellation may be in order. I feel particularly bad about this, as we have riders coming from across the West. Not to mention we've spent a LOT of money just getting ready for the ride. I'll decide for sure by March 4th, but it's not looking good. I'll have to see how things are going. I need to notify people who are coming from a distance, though, if I decide to cancel.

Anyway, if you're in the right age group, PLEASE get the shingles shot. I didn't think it was needed because after all, only 1 in 3 people get shingles, so I figured the odds were in my favor. Also, no one, no one at all, in my family has ever had shingles. And, I know people who have received the shot who still got shingles, so it seemed like an unnecessary medical intervention. The bottom line, though, is that shingles is brought on by stress or compromised immune systems (plus if you've ever had chicken pox). This time of year, what with Gold Rush, Taxes, Mule Ride, and other events, I am on the stressed side, and I've been neglecting my vitamin C. Bummer for me.


  1. So sorry to hear about your shingles outbreak. But from what I've heard, even if it had broken out in some other part of your body, you'd be in too much distress to take on anything extra. Rest and heal.

    1. Hey Melissa, it turns out I got onto the medication in time to kind of nip this in the bud. It is not something I want to go through again. Even though I am an "anti-shot" type person, I do believe when it is all over with I will get the shot. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

  2. A bummer. I had them a few years ago around my waist. Not my idea of a happy trial. The Gold Rush was very good to you, congrats!

    1. Hi Oscar, As I just told Melissa, I'm getting off easy on this first attack. The mule ride can proceed...the medication pretty much stopped the condition from progressing. The pain is gone and according to the doctor I only have about a week and it'll all be past history. I am just so fortunate! I will now TOTALLY EMPATHIZE WITH ANYONE WHO GETS THIS NASTY VIRUS!!! I say, A POX ON THE POX!! Thanks for your commiseration, Oscar.