Sunday, October 4, 2015

PUBLISHING NEWS: Good, Disappointing, and Too Soon to Tell


How about this for a change? Gunslinger Revenge  will actually be released as scheduled (November), although the OFFICIAL, OFFICIAL release will be in February at the annual Gold Rush Event in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Here's what I think is also great news: for the holiday season we are promoting the 7-book Jake Silver Series for a total of $56 plus s/h. That's $8.00 a book - a helluva buy. The sale begins November 1 most likely if we can get sufficient inventory.

In all honesty, Jere D. James has delivered another outstanding action-packed Western with Gunslinger Revenge. The author brings back gunslinger Richard Moody, desperado Diego Fuentes, U.S. Marshal Jake Silver, and introduces young U.S. Deputy Marshal Daniel Cleary. The combination of characters makes this book irresistible. Sharp, often humorous dialogue will entertain readers just as much as the grueling hunt for the murdering, thieving Floyd Baker and Jarvis McKinney that leads Moody and Cleary into Mexico.

This is still a Jake Silver Series book, but readers will find that Silver plays a secondary role in the novel. Still, when he enters the fray, there is no doubt who the man is. The three main characters (Moody, Cleary and Silver) make for terrific chemistry.

The cover, an original painting by our designer Vin Libassi, is unique to this series.

The ebook version of Gunslinger Revenge will be available by the end of November or thereabouts.

What's the best of all, however, is that Jere D. James has at least verbally committed to writing more westerns for Moonlight Mesa Associates. No date yet on the next publication.


NOW, for a disappointment: The Old Folks in the Boat  will not be released until LATE 2016. We had hoped to have the book ready by January of 2016, but the author has convinced us to hold off while more material is added to the book. The author intends on completing two more sections in the coming months. After listening to the author's ideas, all of us agreed to wait.

We're extremely disappointed about the delay, but ultimately it will be an even better book than it is already.


Meanwhile, we do have another new project in the wings. Actually two new projects, but they are both out so far it's pointless to talk about them right now. In the more immediate future, we do have another ebook coming out in 2016. More about this later!

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