Friday, October 16, 2015

Publisher Going in New Direction - This Time for Real


After several delays, Jere D. James’ long-awaited new western will be available within the next few days, according to publisher Becky Coffield.

“I do believe Gunslinger Revenge  may be the last of the Jake Silver titles,” Coffield said. “I know I said this after the last book, Gunslinger Justice, but this time it looks like this series has ended.”

As a result of the end of the long-running, popular western books, Moonlight Mesa will be offering the complete set of Jere D. James’ books for a holiday discount. “People can buy all seven books for $56 plus shipping and handling,” Coffield said. “Originally we quoted $59. This  makes each book only $8, which is a heck of a good buy. For those wanting fewer books, the price will be reduced to $10 per book while the holiday supply lasts. “Our website will be updated shortly to reflect these special prices,” Coffield said. “Email or call to reserve your copy. Prices are only good when ordered from our website.”

Gunslinger Revenge features the popular gunman Richard Moody and introduces young, upstart U.S. Deputy Marshal Daniel Cleary and, of course, U.S. Marshal Jake Silver.

The “bad” guys in this novel are far worse than just about any of the other villains James has before introduced.  Floyd Baker and Jarvis McKinney lead Moody and Cleary back into Mexican territory where James makes good use of perhaps his most popular villain ever, Diego Fuentes.

James has a unique way of wrapping up this series, but still leaves a reader wondering if there might not be another Jake Silver Adventure in the future. For now the author says no more, but Jere has said that before.


For the first time ever, publisher Becky Coffield is considering withdrawing all titles from Kindle. “This is one of the most frustrating things I’ve had to deal with since being in business,” Coffield said.

According to Coffield, Kindle is all but ruining sales for small, independent publishers because of their “lending” policy and the “give-away” of almost 700,000 ebooks. “Why should Kindle be allowing people to “lend” a book to others for up to 14 days for them to read free? This is fine for the buyer, but authors and publishers deserve to be paid,” Coffield said. The publisher went on to say, “My other gripe is the hundreds of thousands of free books on Kindle. Our sales have plummeted since this practice has begun.”

Coffield plans on putting all books on Smashwords, which sells to all e-readers on the market and also to thousands of retailers, libraries, etc. “I use to be very skeptical of Smashwords,” Coffield said, “but not anymore. Smashwords also sells to Kindle, but I don’t think the lending is part of the sale. In any event, we’ve about had it with Kindle.”


Fall events are now far and few between since the Chamber of Commerce in Wickenburg cancelled a good portion of their Cowboy Christmas Poetry Event.

“We have signed up for the annual Blue Grass Festival, Coffield said, “but we lost the poetry event which was a very nice venue for us. Right now we’re scrambling trying to find another event to do before the end of the year.”

In November Coffield plans on traveling to Tubac to “check it out” for a possible event in 2016. “I think it may be our demographic,” Coffield said. “I’m anxious to find out. It’s a very expensive event to do, so we need to make sure it’s for us.”

It’s a fact that Moonlight Mesa has cut back on events in the last two years.“We just all got tired,” Coffield said, “but it’s pretty obvious at this point that if we want to stay in business, we need to get off our behinds and start actively selling books. I think having some different titles on our calendar will help motivate us.”
One new book that Coffield has high hopes for is The Old Folks in the Boat. “The book is funny, inspiring, and informative,” Coffield said. “But unfortunately, we are postponing publication to late 2016.” 

Besides the rowing book in late 2016, Moonlight Mesa has recently been seriously considering accepting a mule book (title not yet decided on), another title for ebook publication only, and potentially a title dealing with Alzheimer's.

“Each of these titles is very challenging, to say the least,” Coffield said. “We have looked at outlines for the two nonfiction books (the mule book and the ebook) and they look very promising. The Alzheimer’s book is actually a fiction novel, but it has great potential.”

Coffield went on to add that “...unless something pops up that is bothersome, I think at least two of the new proposals could possibly be ready for print in late 2016, along with the rowing boat. This is the kind of ‘shot in the arm’ that we need.”

Coffield admits to wavering on any more westerns. “We need to have books that appeal to a larger audience,” she said. “The western is extremely popular, but the readership is actually quite small. Also, if we have a mule book, we will most likely return to the Mule Days Event in Bishop, California. That’s a great outing for us.”

“Even though the Jere D. James westerns are popular, our high-selling books are the nonfiction titles,” Coffield admitted. “We just do well with the fiction books because there are so many Jake Silver titles, and the author does have a nice following.”

According to Coffield, Casey Tibbs—Born to Ride, Some Gave All, Life Was a Cabaret, and Developing the Art of Equine Communication, along with the ebook Getting a Handle on Herpes have actually been the top-selling works overall. “We can’t ignore the facts,” said Coffield

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