Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Finally Final: Publisher Declares Nonfiction Titles and Horseshoe Art Are Scheduled for 2016

It's now official: Moonlight Mesa Associates will be publishing two nonfiction titles in 2016. No westerns are on the horizon at this time.

"If Jere James comes up with a new book, I'm sure we'll want to publish it," Coffield said, "but regardless of that, Moonlight Mesa has scheduled two nonfiction works for 2016."

The Old Folks in the Boat  will likely be out in late 2016, as will A Beginner's Guide to Owning a  Mule. "The title of the mule book is still  not certain," Coffield said, "but basically it looks to be a good guide for those wanting to buy and ride a mule who've never before owned one." Coffield also plans on publishing an ebook-only, but has not yet chosen the book. "We've had several submissions," Coffield said, "and they're all good, but we'll only do one in 2016 - if we even get to it. It's low on my priority list right now."

Saving Tom Black was Jere D. James
 first runaway top-selling western
Currently Moonlight Mesa has five nonfiction titles in its library: Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride by Rusty Richards; Some Gave All  by J.R. Sanders; Developing the Art of Equine Communication,  by Lee Anderson; Getting a Handle on Herpes, by P.A. Arnold; and Life Was a Cabaret: A Tale of Two Fools, a Boat, and a Big-A** Ocean, by Coffield. "Our nonfiction titles sell extremely well," Coffield said.

The question Coffield is continuously asked, however, is when will the next Jere D. James western be out. "Jere has a dedicated following," Coffield said, "I'll give the author that. As far as the next western, I have no idea, and I don't think Jere does either, at least not at this time. James has written seven top-notch westerns in seven years and may need a break."


The Moonlight Mesa webmaster will slowly be revamping the company's webpage. "I'd like to take it down entirely and start over, but this is not a good time of year to do a remodel," Coffield said, "especially with our holiday specials." Several pages from the site have been deleted, according to Coffield, but new material will be added.  "We will be adding  'horseshoe art' to the site shortly. Every piece shown is individually made. No Chinese imports. Genuine used horseshoes," Coffield said. "The poop is scraped off and the nails pulled before welding."


Don't forget the holiday special now on Moonlight Mesa's Book Order Page. You can buy all SEVEN Jere D. James westerns for $56 + s/h. "That is a give-away," Coffield said. "The books are $8.00 each, that's 1/2  off the normal retail price. Shipping cost via Priority Flat-Rate is $11.35; media mail is about $7.00. "We don't like shipping books media mail, especially during the holidays. It might take weeks for a person to receive their order. If we add insurance, then you might as well just pay for the flat rate price and get the books in two days," Coffield said, "not two weeks."

"We can take your VISA/MASTER CARD over the phone and the books can go out that same day," Coffield said, "or you can send a check."

"We do have a limited supply of books at this price, so best to order as soon as the idea strikes you," Coffield advised.

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