Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Publisher to Release Gunslinger Revenge in November


Publisher Becky Coffield has NOT been
attending to business!
Well, you know you're getting behind when calls and emails start coming in asking where the new titles are that have been announced in the back of an earlier book!

This morning a very nice librarian emailed Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. asking where the next Jere D. James book was, that she had a client who was waiting for it, and she could find no mention of it anywhere on the web. She had a good point - it was only yesterday that I finally added the title to Books in Print.

So, what happened? Usually Jere's books are out in August or September - this one has been delayed and we've not talked about it much. First of all, I blame everything on the fact that no matter what you say, time is moving faster and I'm not!

That being said, we've also been wrestling a lot around here with where we are headed with our small company. As a few of you have commented in various emails, we are not doing near the number of events we use to do. This has caused a drop in sales on all fronts. After six months of cogitating our options, however, we've decided to move forward and to continue publishing - just not western fiction so much...with the exception of James' books - if the author plans to continue producing westerns, that is. We also will be doing more events at different venues next year, moving from three Wickenburg events to probably five or six events in different locales. That should perk things up, revive us, and get us back on track.

The other issue is that Jere pretty much dragged heels and got the manuscript to us late, and we had to reject it because, quite frankly, it was a great story but too short. Our minimum, bare minimum (for fiction) is in the 50,000-word range.

Happily, at long last we are preparing to release Gunslinger Revenge  in November.

As of yet, the cover is not finished either, but my cover man has a good excuse.

I think many people will be quite surprised by Gunslinger Revenge. The book mainly features gunman Richard Moody and a new upstart deputy, Daniel Cleary. Jake Silver is in the book, but this go-to character we've all come to love takes a bit of a backseat to Moody and Cleary, at least in the first part of the book. What is even more surprising, however, is that Jere D. James is seriously thinking of revealing his/her true identity at the end of the book. The author has only one more month to make that decision. Once the book is in print, it cannot be retracted!

Is this a good idea or a bad one? Is it even important? I don't think so. I'm urging Jere not to go down this road.


The Old Folks in the Boat looks like it won't be available until December or January. The book is finished, but the cover photo won't be taken until October - then there's the issue of the cover designer getting things put together.

It's still uncertain whether the book will be officially released at the January 2016 Seattle Boat Show or not. We'll decide that later this fall, I suppose.

Finally, the office will be closed during September as we make our way, late, to the San Juan Islands and north. We're planning on taking two titles along and also doing some advance advertising of The Old Folks in the Boat, looking for pre-orders. The book will likely retail for $12.95.  Lots of photos. Vendor queries are welcome!

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