Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moonlight Mesa Associates to Offer Scholarship

 Moonlight Mesa Associates is very excited to announce that the company is in the beginning stages of starting a scholarship fund. Because most of this micro-sized publishing company's help (that's 2 people) take off in the summer for more lucrative jobs, the scholarship plan will not be finalized until fall.

However, I want to say that I am committed to this idea. It feels right, and I'm positively inclined to do this. The two of us who are around in the summer months here in Arizona, have bandied about various ideas, but I'm tending to want to start the scholarship program in 2016, even if we have to take money out of our own personal pockets to do it - which we may have to do.

I'm also thinking about the scholarship being awarded to a student heading into a trade school. I don't know exactly why, but I just think these kids get overlooked. Trade school is expensive - way more expensive than most people realize - and we'd be nowhere if we didn't have tradespeople! I'll have to wait for staff  input, but my vote counts more.

At this point I am unable to state categorically how much of each book sold will be donated to the fund. My one concern is that the books distributed by Ingram may not generate enough profit, after vendor discounts and printing fees, to be able to be used. That would leave us with just the Kindle and other e/book sales, and Moonlight Mesa's personal sales. That, of course, means we would need to pump up our events and get our butts in gear.

We have been at an all time low as far as energy output goes for the past two years. Doing events is expensive, stressful, and exhausting. I've avoided all events for  two years except for those here in Wickenburg. Travel is expensive when pulling that living quarters trailer loaded with books, tables, and event furnishings. Then there's a house-sitter to pay...and inventory that may not get sold. Events are dicey, to say the least. Bad weather usually means DISASTER. If it's too hot it means DISASTER. 

Nevertheless, I'm hoping that in a year from now we can announce the winner of the Moonlight Mesa Associates Scholarship Award!


Happily, the rowing book we've been hoping to publish will be out in very early 2016 - hopefully in time for the Seattle Boat Show in January followed by Gold Rush Days in February. I'm not expecting this book to be a top-selling title here in Arizona, but I think we can sell plenty of this title in the northwest and other coastal areas or "aquatic" areas where rowing is popular.


Western writer Jere D. James, author of the Jake Silver Series, insists the new book will be ready for 2016. So far I've seen only a few chapters, though. I won't say I'm worried, but I am worried. If we don't have the book in hand by September, we simply cannot get it print ready in time for our big event of the year - Gold Rush. Jere's response to all this is, "No problem-o." 


I know. I know. I've said NO NO NO, but the idea of some sort of contest is still being brought up around these hallowed halls from time to time. The contest will not be a short story contest, but it could be a novella, or even a full length work. Jeesh. I wish somebody around here would make up their mind and get this organized!


Live and learn, but our top-selling books for the past few months have been, hands-down, the nonfiction titles. J.R. Sanders' Some Gave All  has taken the lead in books sold through Ingram,  with P.A. Arnold's Getting a Handle on Herpes the top-selling e-book.

Arnold's book is only available in ebook format, and Sanders' book is not available in ebook format.

Lee Anderson's Developing the Art of Equine Communication  has also had some good sales.

If you are a nonfiction author in search of a publisher, we'd love to consider your work.

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