Thursday, April 9, 2015

Books, Mules, and Tom Selleck

So, what do books, mules, and Tom Selleck have in common? Well...everything...and nothing.

For starters,  book sales got off to a good start in 2015 with the Gold Rush event in Wickenburg plumping up our account a bit, although things have dramatically slowed in the past two months. This is kind of a seasonal thing, but it's a bit worse this year since I've been out of the office for literally two months.

The months of February and March were consumed with Gold Rush and the annual Mule Ride that Moonlight Mesa sponsors and organizes. It's becoming a big job for just one person, let me assure you, and I'll be delegating out jobs next year. This year's ride, however, was fantastic. We had great weather, great trail guides, super cooks, and wonderful people attending the annual ride.

Now, as for the Tom Selleck part! I wrote Tom (or whoever gets his mail) in February requesting an autographed photo of him to give as an award for the Western Attire Contest at the mule ride. I even invited Mr. Selleck to our mule ride as our guest, and I offered to let him ride my very own mule! Alas, he didn't show up, but his photo did. The winner of the Western Attire Event gushed, "I'M SLEEPING WITH TOM SELLECK TONIGHT!" as she held her beautifully framed photo high in the air.

However, getting down to business...not that there is any right now what with my gallivanting about on my mule and rowing my wherry up at Lake Pleasant in the mornings, but things are about to change.

WESTERN: Jere James has at least started another book. The author is four chapters into it and ready to take over the spare office computer to work on the book at nights. Whew. I was getting a bit worried there, but I've seen Jere easily crank out a book in six weeks once momentum is gained. Jere's book would most likely be released in late 2015 with a 2016 copyright date. We'd like it available for some fall shows...IF IT'S FINISHED.

ROWING BOOK: This book is definitely slated for 2016, and may prove to be even more popular than our first boating book, Life Was A Cabaret: A Tale of Two Fools, A Boat, and a Big-A** Ocean. The rowing book has great potential, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

SALES: All three nonfiction books have had some nice sales so far in 2015. Lee Anderson's Developing the Art of Equine Communication  had a particularly good January. In fact, Lee will be at the Verde Equine Festival doing a presentation April 17.  J.R. Sanders' Some Gave All  has had a good March. Sanders will once again be at the Santa Clarita Festival in April, while Rusty Richards' Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride  continues to be steady. James' books (fiction) sell well every month, but our other titles are languishing, despite their numerous awards and terrific reviews. This is very unsettling and inexplicable, really.

Meanwhile, I'm consumed with curiosity about whom to write to requesting their photo for next year's mule ride! I'm thinking it might be that hunky guy who was in Cowboys and Aliens. Any other suggestions?


  1. Try Tommy Lee Jones for starters.

  2. Yes, Tommy Lee Jones is high on my list I assure you! Thanks for your input and vote for him!!

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