Monday, October 20, 2014

Publishing Changes for Moonlight Mesa Associates

I don't need PENS out here!
I'm learning never to write anything in PEN on a calendar. I am now on my third calendar for the year. Some months have so many cross-outs and scribbles that the pages look like someone made a desperate attempt to write Chinese.

A box of #12 pencils, all sharpened with pointy erasures added to the ends, now fill my pen box.

For starters, we have deleted one nonfiction book from our 2015 publishing calendar. Someone (me) failed to do my homework to discover how many similar titles, all excellent too, were already in print. Fortunately, a contract had not been signed, and it turned out the authors of the book had actually already decided to abandon the project but were a bit fearful of telling me. Whew.

In its place, we have signed another nonfiction project for 2015. This new topic (rowing) is way out of our genre (like the top-selling Getting a Handle on Herpes by P.A. Arnold was), but the project just plain appealed to me. Wish I could give a solid reason for choosing it besides "appeal," but that's the one benefit of being the publisher, I suppose.

Jere D. James has finally signed a contract for another western, also. The western, the first that does not feature Jake Silver, Deputy U.S. Marshal, should be out in late fall of 2015. And don't miss out on our great "sale" on our website for the six Jake Silver books. You can receive all six of them for $10 each plus s/h. That's a savings of $36 off the cover price.

 Other than Jere's western, we are still not accepting fiction submissions.


J.R. Sanders' outstanding Some Gave All is not only leading in nonfiction sales this year, but it has also qualified as a finalist in the New Mexico Book Awards. Last month I announced that Robert Walton's Dawn Drums was a finalist in two categories in that contest and that Sam's Desert Adventure was a finalist in another competition. We found out after we posted this blog that Sanders' book is also a finalist.

This nonfiction book has received many outstanding reviews. Sanders is also the author of several other books including The Littlest Wrangler,  a two-time, award-winning young reader book for ages 6 - 8 published by Moonlight Mesa Associates. There are FREE teaching materials for this book also.


Most of our western ebooks are currently reduced in price, and there are some GREAT buys. You can purchase Paula Silici's yummy western action/romance, A Way in the Wilderness, for $2.99 as well as Award-Winning Tales (this title available only on Kindle). The other westerns are priced from 3.99 to 5.95. In addition, the entire Ben Thomas Trilogy is priced at 5.95 each. These prices will be good through October and probably will be raised later in November. The books are available on ALL electronic readers (except Award-Winning Tales is available only on Kindle).

We are trying this price reduction as an experiment. Oddly enough, it looks like we have MORE sales when the prices are higher!! I suspect this is because many people associate "cheaper" prices with books that are, shall we say, not so well written.                                          


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