Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Moonlight Mesa Associates Publisher Needs "Relationships"

It's hot here in Arizona right now. Some people say they don't mind the heat, but I know they're really just saying that so they seem tough. I don't mind admitting that the heat is horrible. I get up at 4:30 a.m., okay - the truth is it's 5:30  - and start my day. I usually saddle up at 6:30 and leave on my ride by 7:00. But you can bet I'm back by 9:00. I even bought a "cool vest" to help me tolerate the heat. It works tolerably well, too. (See the picture here of me on my little Bouquet who died this past winter. I am wearing my "warm vest" in this photo because it was COLD.)

I envy Renee off in Montana with her cowboy boyfriend - I don't envy the boyfriend part, just to clarify - but I do envy the Montana part. Besides, Renee refuses to do the blogs anymore, so here I am.

Then there's our acquisitions editor who disappears every summer.

Our historical editor, who also covers shipping,  is still around. See, you have to be able to multitask to work here.

However, Facebutt, I mean Facebook,  is keeping me wildly entertained on these long, hot afternoons. I even took a class in using social media. Wow. Was I ignorant before taking that one hour class. I now know all about FB, Twitter, Pin It, Instagram, and so much more that I didn't know about before that I'm surprised I was able to function in this world at all.

I learned FB is not for selling things. Well, deep down  you hope you do, but if you push sales then people will "unfriend" you. That would smart, wouldn't it? FB is all about "relationships." So, now I'm busily asking people to please "like" me even though I have no idea if people are mass murderers, psychopaths,  government spies, or members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not very many people respond, however. Maybe they suspect my true motive.

However, for those of you who want to help further my cause to sneakily sell you a book using a feigned "friendship," please "LIKE" me on Facebook. Or better yet, just like Moonlight Mesa Associates. Everyone who works here is really, really nice and worthy of being liked. Not me, particularly, but everyone else is. And here's what else I learned: if I "LIKE" you, then you're supposed to "LIKE" me, and we're one happy family.

As Marshall McLuhan once said, "The Medium is the Message." Social Media is the new Medium.

As far as the publishing business goes, who has time when there's all this fun stuff to do!

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