Sunday, May 25, 2014

Publisher Resolves to "DO NO HARM"

Oh dear. Time for another post for this blog. Last month I managed to raise the ire of a few British writers - and Montana Renee -  who has informed me she doesn't want to do the blogs anymore. Can't say as I blame her.

Even though Renee's name was appended to the blog, the fact is I basically told her what to say, so I took the heat for it -  as I should.

Before I go off on another tangent I want to make it clear that, believe it or not, I do not try to upset people. In fact, every year I make the same two New Years Resolutions. One is to DO NO HARM. This applies to myself as well as to others, the environment, etc. The second resolution is to do ONE ACT OF RANDOM KINDESS A WEEK. Honestly, sometimes I get woefully behind in this one. But, the bottom line is, last month's blog definitely caused some people to react a bit strongly. Now, you have to understand that I am a person who is ultimately a peacemaker. It's a fault, I know, but it's who I am - most of the time, anyway. I don't like to see people upset or angry. I often go out of my way to try and make people happier...even total I said, it's a fault.

So, back to business....I have yet another awful confession, but the TRUTH WILL OUT. I gave up. I finally hired someone to start a Facebook page for Moonlight Mesa Associates. I'm not sure why I hired them because I don't like their posts and have taken to deleting them and doing my own. I know I know. Two months or so ago I cast aspersions on using social media as a marketing tool, or whatever I said. I cannot possibly remember what I said two months ago. Anyway, my staff (small in number but hardy in spirit) finally talked me into at least trying to use social media. Of course, no one among them wanted to take the project on - I think they were fearful lest the attempt end in failure. So I hired it out, which so far has been a  waste of $$. I'll let you know how things go, however. Summer is usually quite slow for sales for us, so if we have an uptick at all, I may be inclined to credit Facebook even though I really don't want to do so.

Oh, yes, by the way, please "LIKE" us on Facebook. (It kills me to say that.) Somewhere I have to get that button that you can just click. Hmm. Wonder where that is.


I may like to think of myself as a peacemaker, but honestly, I get on Twitter and just start beating up on Barry Obama. (I like the name his mother gave him much better than the odious Barack tag.) I don't know what it is about Twitter, but I'm darn good at bashing this guy. Now, if you're a B.O. supporter, don't get all riled up. I'm not ruthless. At least the guy has kept us out of more senseless wars. But, you know, it's hard to be nice when someone lies and acts like he's royalty - well, never mind. No need to go there. They're ALL CORRUPT anyway. I just added this so people don't think I'm some sort of goody-two-shoes.


For those who are anxiously awaiting the next, and last, Jake Silver Adventure, the final book  (Gunslinger Justice) will be out right around October 1. In addition, Jere D. James has signed a contract for another three books (westerns). It'll be interesting to see what happens if Jake is no longer getting shot and racing madly around Arizona and Mexico.


We are still not accepting fiction manuscripts - only nonfiction. And, we have decided we will not be running a short story contest in 2015. Maybe 2016.


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