Sunday, March 30, 2014

Civil War and Dawn Drums in the News

Robert Walton's Dawn Drums, a Civil War historical novel, is perfectly timed for the upcoming sesquicentennial celebrations of the Civil War.

As Walton so aptly explains, "May of 1864 was perhaps the Civil War's most terrible month. Dawn Drums begins at this crucial time and its action coincides closely with the sesquicentennial of the events it depicts."

Far more "historical" than any historical novel I've ever read, Dawn Drums literally is an eye-opener to the most brutal of all wars that Americans have ever fought. Newly released information suggests that casualties were far greater than the 600,000 usually cited.

The book, originally intended for young adult readers and up, has proven to be a huge success with both the young adult and adult reader. Already several schools in California are using the book in the classroom. The Dawn Drums website even has teaching activities to accompany the book. You can find all this information and more at Walton's blog:

This is a book for all ages. Everyone in our office found Dawn Drums positively riveting, and trust me when I say we're no spring chickens. I personally learned more about the Civil War in this book than I ever ever learned in school where we spent perhaps 30 minutes on the subject. Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, and places like these were just words and had no meaning until I read Walton's book. I now "get it." This war was, indeed, the worst war this country has ever waged.


Announced late last year, and no surprise to anyone, Moonlight Mesa will publish only two books this year.
Gunslinger Justice, Jere D. James' final book in the Jake Silver series, will be released later this fall.

New to the calendar is a nonfiction travel/adventure book. "I hope to have it in print by Gold Rush of 2015," the publisher said. "It's going to be really, really close. To be honest, I'm not sure we'll make it. This will be a multi-volume undertaking, though, so we need to get off to a good, solid start."

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