Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Award-Winning Titles, Mule Days, Throat Bacteria & Resolutions

Oh my gosh! It's been two months since anyone around here has blogged. I guess that "anyone around here" is me, since currently I am "staff-less."

Some Gave All, J.R. Sanders' terrific new nonfiction/historical book about fourteen lawmen in the old West who "died with their boots on" is finally, at long last, actually available. The book can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sanders' website, and the Moonlight Mesa Associates website.


What with the upcoming Annual Boyd Ranch Mule Ride that I am in charge of, and the recent and unexpected tragic death of my beautiful mule, Bouquet, my time and attention has been largely focused on mules in one fashion or another.

I will not go into detail regarding Bouquet's death from colic. Suffice it to say it was the most horrible experience I think I've ever had. Anyone who has had a mule or horse die of colic will readily understand. Although mules seldom colic, they obviously do. The unfortunate thing about mules, however, is they are so stoic, that by the time they show pain, it is often too late to save them. Enough said. I need to move forward.

Brr. It's gonna be cold in Missouri. 
Pretty Reba
December 26 my husband and I are heading for Belle, Missouri, where I'm hoping to buy another mule: Reba. She is a nine-year old molly and seems like she will be a good fit for me. Meanwhile, during all this turmoil and drama, I have been recovering (I hope) from some sort of  bacterial throat infection I picked up either en route to Mexico or after landing there. It's rather shocking to be sick, since I never am. Anyone else have trouble with flying and getting sick?

We returned from our two-week trip four days early since I was scheduled for eye surgery on December 11 to have a fast-growing, rather large, obnoxious cataract removed. I wanted to make sure I was well. (Too much time on that sailboat out on the ocean using a sextant for navigation most likely brought on the cataract, although I think age may contribute, but I hate to admit that.) Unfortunately I had to cancel the surgery because of the excess coughing I was doing due to this "crud" I had attracted.

After two weeks on Augmentin, I still have not fully recovered, so I have resumed taking copious amounts of vitamin C. It's rather late in the game to resume the vitamin C routine, but better late than never I suppose. I also ordered some liquid Olive Leaf Oil. Hope it tastes better than the capsules that I have to break open and mix with juice since I have a choking phobia with pills. Ah me.


Although I did no events over the summer, I resumed doing events in November, beginning with the Bluegrass Festival here in Wickenburg; then I was invited to do the Cowboy Poetry Event, which proved to be very successful for sales. I've also consigned three titles to the Arizona National Livestock Show in Phoenix:  Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride by Rusty Richards; Developing the Art of Equine Communication by C.L. "Lee" Anderson, and Sam's Desert Adventure, by Jonah Arizona.


Sam's Desert Adventure, by the way, won FIRST PLACE IN THE ARIZONA AUTHORS LITERARY CONTEST in Children's Literature! Right on! In addition, the book was a finalist in the New Mexico Book Awards.

Lee Anderson's Developing the Art of Equine Communication was also a finalist in the New Mexico Book Awards.

2014 GOALS:

Changing gears here (I promise I won't whine anymore), most of my newsletter readers know by now that I will not be publishing any books in 2014 with the exception of the FINAL Jake Silver western by Jere D. James. It's even sitting on my desk, but I can't begin working on it until I get my new eyeball.

My goal in 2014 is to figure out some affordable marketing tactics to help spur sales of the amazingly great books we have in print. At least half of our books are award-winning titles and they should be selling in copious amounts. I should probably make a goal to get back to blogging more often, too!

In the meanwhile, please stay well and have a MERRY MERRY and HAPPY HAPPY!

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