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Moonlight Mesa Publisher, Becky Coffield, dropped a totally unexpected  bombshell August 1st when she announced that the publishing company will no longer be accepting ANY new manuscripts.

“We will only be publishing works by Jere D. James," the publisher said. “Those books sell well, and at this point Jere is producing a book a year. Should the author stop doing so, odds are we will not pick up another author.”

Coffield, the author of the award-winning Life Was a Cabaret, the award-winning suspense Northern Escape, the mystery Northern Conspiracy, and the international thriller Death in the Desert, would like to return to her own writing. Coffield has also won many other awards for fiction  as well as nonfiction short works.

“It’s true I’d like to get back to my own writing. I started this business more as a hobby, but it has turned into a full time job,” she said. “I don’t want a full-time job at my age. I’d like more time to write, paint, ride my mule, sail and do other activities I love doing. Plus, I’d really like to become more involved with my community.”

The publisher said the company would definitely keep its current titles in print, and would still do some events. “I’m not abandoning my current authors,” Coffield said. “If anything I’ll have a bit more time to spend on their projects. The bottom line is I can’t keep sitting at my computer 10 hours a day.  Life is short and getting shorter.”

J.R. Sanders’ latest work, Some Gave All, will be the last book that Coffield publishes other than Jere D. James’ forthcoming novels. 

“We have fabulous titles in print,” Coffield said. “I am so very proud of all of them. This is no reflection on my authors or their works. It’s a reflection on my age if anything. And, neither of my sons seems terribly interested in carrying on the business, so I don’t really want to keep creating a job for myself. I’m supposed to be retired!!”

Renee will continue to do the newsletter and most of the blogs, and Tom will continue to coordinate events and do some shipping. Vin Libassi will continue to do the covers, and Paula will still edit, so not a lot changes..."just the number of hours I'm on the computer and the number of books we publish. I will train our acquisition editor to handle orders and invoicing so I can leave town without being tied to my computer with a lifeline,” Coffield added.
Becky's Cape Dory 25, Lucky Me!

Coffield also plans to take up competitive rowing and wants to become adept at single-handling her sailboat, Lucky Me, a Cape Dory 25.

"If we were making millions of dollars I probably wouldn't decide to do this. We do okay, but at this point my time is more valuable to me. I've given this a lot of thought. This is what I need to do."

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  1. Good luck with the new plans and enjoy life.