Friday, July 19, 2013

A Publisher's Scintillating, Secret Life

Another summer of a long list of things to accomplish at Moonlight Mesa Associates while my miniature staff is spread out around the continent and I sweat it out here in Arizona. Tom is in Oregon for the summer. Renee’s in Montana enjoying her cowboy; my other guy is in Phoenix, but preparing to go for a month-long stint in Sheriff Arpaio’s tent city. Naughty boy. My acquisition man is in Puerto Vallarta.

The problem with all of this, is that I can’t get to let me make corrections to my last entry. So, “writers” appear as riders among many other errors. I can blame my Dell computer…or hughes.worst satellite service…or someone out there. Plus, I never did answer the question I set out to answer.

Okay, back to business. My goal this summer was to establish a new routine for myself, but I’m off to a monumentally rocky start. Still, I figure if I do something for two or three months then it will be a solid habit, and when everyone returns, it won’t faze me because I’ll have all these new habits firmly established and will carry on. This is a grand idea, but fraught with many frailties – or something like that.

For starters, one of my goals was to do my exercising in the morning so I’d be all finished by the time others showed up to work. I’d be relaxed then because one of the top things on my daily to-do list would be finished – my work out. However, I hadn’t counted on injury! Guess what? I started a new program far beyond my abilities. It’s called Crossfit, and I’ve now screwed up my hip joints so badly from doing excessive numbers of squats, I only hope I won’t be in a wheel chair. Well, I exaggerate, but still, it’s the first time I’ve thought about AGE, and particularly MY AGE, when it comes to exercise. I’ve been largely inactive for over a month now because of my determination to try to train like I’m in my 20s and not decades older than that – well, I seem to be able to paddleboard and kayak okay, but that’s it. Then there’s the sciatica…I get an attack every ten years due to a fall from my horse about 20 years ago.

Next, I planned to spend time “meditating” every morning. And how’s that going? Not so well. My mind is filled with too much gibberish. Besides, I need my coffee first thing, and then there are the mules to feed and poop to scoop, a hen to tend to, and a kitty to pet, not to mention the dog and his deep emotional needs. Gotta water the new cactus, too.

Another goal I had was to start preparing for bed EARLIER at night, so I could actually still be conscious enough to take a shower, irrigate my teeth, put potions on my face, and lounge in bed reading. There’s still potential for this one, I think.

Lastly, I promised I’d quit snacking on things like CHIPS…. I have gone three nights now chip free. Yippee. Maybe there’s hope.

Meanwhile, I also had work goals…I’m not even close yet to accomplishing those, but now that everyone is GONE for the summer, I think I stand a fighting chance. There’s Robert’s museum letters to get out; Jere’s manuscript to line edit; John’s manuscript to proofread before I can line edit; Jere’s book to layout and format…the list goes on and on. That doesn’t include the mule articles I need to write. But what did I spend most of the day doing? Trying to figure out how to print envelopes on a HP Deskjet 3050A. After about 60 envelopes of failure, I just decided to hand address the little bastards. Where’s Renee when I need her?

Overall, life is good. I’ll recover and resume my morning exercise routine (just not Crossfit), I’ll probably never meditate worth a damn, but I’ll definitely get ready for bed earlier. In fact, that’s what I’m going to do now!

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