Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Western Book Publishing News - and Assault Weapons

Brrrrrrrrrrr! That's what Arizona's Western book publisher, Becky Coffield at Moonlight Mesa Associates, has to say about the highly unusual, frigid air that's blanketed the state for the last week. "In the summer I work a lot because it's so hot here," Coffield said. "In the winter I expect to be out riding, hiking, golfing, etc., but it's been so cold I've been back in my office full time! You know, I might even get something accomplished this year with all the extra time spent at my desk!"


"This book is going to be fantastic," Coffield said of Robert Walton's Dawn Drums, Moonlight Mesa's first publication in 2013. "The author absolutely captured the essence of Abraham Lincoln in the book, along with so many interesting, historical characters. I learned so much about the Civil War when I worked on this project," Coffield said. "I had absolutely no idea...this is a fabulous book, and sales will reflect that."

Early copies of Dawn Drums should be available in late, late January or early February. The book will not officially be released, however, until April. It will then also be available in all e-formats and a large-print edition. Pre-publication copies can be purchased directly from the author and the publisher.


For the second year in a row Rusty Richards' Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride, the outstanding biography of rodeo star Casey Tibbs, leads in sales of individual titles distributed by Ingram. Kindle sales for this title remained strong, also.

"If I do say so myself, I consider this book to easily be the top atheletic/sports biography of the decade," said publisher Becky Coffield, "and that's not because I'm the publisher. Casey Tibbs was a remarkable person who deserves to have his story told. I'm glad Rusty was able to accomplish this. I don't think anyone else could even come close to doing what Rusty did as far as Casey's biography goes. We're exceptionally proud of this book."


Despite earlier misgivings, the final numbers are in, and Moonlight Mesa enjoyed strong, steady ebook sales in 2012. "There's always room for growth, absolutely, but we sold far more ebooks than I thought we did," Coffield said.

Moonlight Mesa added Smashwords as a new outlet/distributor for ebooks late this past year, and saw good sales there, also. All of Moonlight Mesa's books are in the Premium category with Smashwords, meaning that Smashwords can sell them to Apple, Sony, Mobi, and other e-formats. "That ultimately increases our exposure a great deal," Coffield said. "We'll see how it goes in 2013 since the books will have been available for a full year."


Life Was A Cabaret, Coffield's two-time award-winning sailing memoir, will once again be for sale at the Seattle Boat Show this year. The book, written 30 years ago but not printed until 2005 by Seaworthy books, was recently re-released by Moonlight Mesa. "We enlarged the font and added pictures," Coffield said. "It really made the book more pleasing."

Coffield will not be signing books this year at the boat show as she has done in prior years. "I'm delivering more books to Captain's Nautical Supply, who carries the title, and then I'm SHOPPING, or rather, I'm keeping an eye on my husband while he shops for gadgets for the boat."


Just wondering if Obama's executive orders regarding guns applies to the federal government and their illegal sales of assault rifles to Mexican cartels???

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  1. Must be a switch in the weather, here in Wyoming we are warm, at least this part of Wyoming. I sat out on the deck today and basked in the sun reading. Temperature in high 50s and low 60s the last two days.
    Think I will get the Dawn Drums e-book when it comes out.
    Not sure about the gun stuff, I own more than a dozen and am in the market for another-I just like to shoot, not sure government understands ol' cowboys like me.
    First trip to your blog - enjoyed!