Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moonlight Mesa Associates' LARGE-PRINT BOOKS

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Western Book Publisher, began publishing LARGE-PRINT EDITIONS of some of their titles in 2012. The LARGE-PRINT EDITIONS have met with limited success, largely because they are difficult to find on Moonlight Mesa's main vendor's website, Amazon.

So far, the company  has published all of Jere D. James' Western titles in LARGE-PRINT, and one of the publisher's award-winning suspense  novels, Northern Escape. "Not all titles are appropriate for us to put into LARGE-PRINT," said publisher Becky Coffield. "Some books are just too long and the printing cost, using POD as we do, would be just too high. I'd love to put Casey Tibbs- Born to Ride into LARGE-PRINT, as well as Paula L. Silici's Western adventure, A Way in the Wilderness, but honestly, the books would cost too much."
So far, Moonlight Mesa has five titles available in LARGE-PRINT: Saving Tom Black, Apache, Canyon of Death and High Country Killers, all by Jere D. James. Northern Escape by R.L. Coffield is also available.

Some LARGE-PRINT EDITIONS (LPE) sell through Moonlight Mesa's website ( and at events the publisher does. "We sell more at the holiday times when people are looking for gifts for their parents," Coffield said. "These make wonderful gifts for visually impaired folks of all ages who like Westerns, since Jere's books are all very traditional with no obscene language or inappropriate sexuality."

The purpose behind publishing the LPEs was to do a "community service" type thing for people. "We'll never make much money on these books, and that's okay," Coffield said. "Not everything is about money - leastwise that's how we see things. We do donate some, also, but because of the cost of printing, we have to limit the number of books we can donate." 

Moonlight Mesa donates boxes of books every year to various organizations. "This past year we donated a box of young reader books to Kids on Kritters and some to a children's hospital in Phoenix. And, pretty much every year we also donate to a New Mexico group that promotes reading among adults and teens. It's all good."

For those interested in LARGE-PRINT EDITION books, check out Moonlight Mesa's website, or contact the publisher via email or a phone call: 928-684-5235. You can leave a message on this blog, too. Coffield cautions that multiple books can often be sent for the same price as one book, so if ordering online and the shipping bill gets too high, consider contacting the company for your order instead. All LPE titles sell for $19.95 each, but ask about the holiday promotion specials! You'll save $3.00 per title!! And the publisher accepts credit cards, too.

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