Monday, August 20, 2012


Moonlight Mesa Associates publisher, Becky Coffield, announced today that Jere D. James' new Western title, High Country Killers, will be released as scheduled October 1, 2012.

High Country Killers is the fourth book in the Jake Silver Adventure Series. "It may actually be the best," Coffield said. "The two reviews that have come in so far are raving about the book. MidWest Book Senior Reviewer Shirley Johnson wrote two pages raving about the book and gave it an excellent recommendation. Barbra Lee, who writes occasionally for, also has submitted a glowing review. We're still waiting to hear from Steve Myall at Western Fiction Review," Coffield said. "We send Steve the finished product, so it may be a bit."

What makes High Country Killers so riveting besides James' ability to write action-packed stories, is that the book is both a mystery and highly historical at the same time. The author went out of his way to reference real people, places and events, most notably the Pleasant Valley War,  and the Hashknife Cattle Ranch, owned and operated by the Aztec Land and Cattle Company. Real sheriffs who served during this time are also used as characters.

James brings past characters into the novel, most notably Gunner McGraw (from Canyon of Death), and Betsy and Margaret (from Saving Tom Black) and Jeremiah Atkinson, also from Saving Tom Black. James introduces a new character who is sure to become a favorite of Western readers: gunman Richard Moody, a Shakespeare quoting hired assassin who will elicit a lot of chuckles. There are a host of evil, murderous people in this novel, and a lot of bloodshed.

The book will be released October 1 in trade paperback, followed by a LARGE-PRINT EDITION, and an ebook edition. There may be pre-publication copies available earlier. "We're just waiting for the Library of Congress Control Number to come in so we can get this book off to the printer," Coffield said. The LCCN is expected to arrive this week.

James claims there will be only one more Jake Silver book, and the author is already about half finished with the first draft. Moonlight Mesa publisher is not very pleased with this announcement, to say the least. The Jake Silver Adventure series has been the company's best-selling Western fiction titles.


Revamping all of Moonlight Mesa's ebooks was the publisher's goal this summer, and that goal has been met. "The books look SO MUCH BETTER," Coffield said. "I just didn't want to give the whole ebook thing much time or attention, but finally I could no longer ignore the dramatic impact electronic books are having in the marketplace. So...they're done, and done long last."

Coffield also added Smashwords as a new ebook vendor. "I still think Kindle will be the main vendor for our books, but it won't hurt to get them out there to as many vendors as possible," the publisher said.

Moonlight Mesa Associates, known mostly as a traditional Western Book Publisher, has one highly unwestern publication, Getting a Handle on Herpes by P.A. Arnold, that is available only in electronic format, and Coffield will not rule out putting other titles out there as ebooks only also, saying, "It really all depends on the book - its length and subject matter. I think most people will want to do their own ebook publishing, though. I don't see this as a major activity for us."


Moonlight Mesa's first fall book selling event  for 2012 will be over Labor Day weekend in Pinetop, Arizona. Hopefully, the monsoons will quiet down for the two-day show. "If it rains, we're screwed. We can't keep books and posters exposed to a humid, wet atmosphere for long," Coffield said. The show will be held at Charlie Clark's Orchard. "It's a cool place. If business is slow you can go to the bar and get some margaritas. It definitely helps the time go by more pleasantly."

Moonlight Mesa's next fall show will be in Glendale, Arizona, at the Wild West Festival and will feature author Lee Anderson and his book, Developing the Art of Equine Communication.

"After Glendale in October, we have two shows in November, and two shows in December, so we'll be plenty busy," Coffield said. Coffield put off any other publications until 2013 because of the show schedule.

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