Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moonlight Mesa Publishes eBook on Herpes???

True to her word, Moonlight Mesa Associates publisher Becky Coffield announced yesterday that the company has just published its first "non-western title," and its first "ebook only" title.

Getting a Handle on Herpes, by P.A. Arnold, is the first title that the company has published as only an ebook, not to mention that the subject matter is hardly that of a traditional "Western."

"Never mind all that," Coffield said. "Ms. Arnold presented us with a golden opportunity to get out of our box. Even though I felt a tad uncomfortable with the subject matter, I was taken with Ms. Arnold's query and her earnestness. Her writing was excellent for the most part, and she didn't care that we wouldn't be putting the book into a paper format. It's really not long enough, for one thing," Coffield said. "If she eventually adds more material, we would definitely think about publishing the book in trade paperback format."

As always, Moonlight Mesa's cover designer, Vin Libassi, did the cover which is dramatic and attention-getting.

"We kept the price of this book very low per Ms. Arnold's request. She isn't interested in the money; she truly just wants to help others deal with the Herpes Simplex Virus II. The book is well-researched and has many quotes from reliable sources. Not to mention that it's very engaging, sometimes painfully humorous, and highly informative," Coffield said. A bibiliography is included for those who wish to follow up with any of the author's sources

The book is available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. It retails for $3.95. Barbra Lee, a reviewer for has written a lengthy review of the book, highly recommending it.


Paula Silici's arresting Western Adventure, A Way in the Wilderness, now has a new cover. "This book is excellent," said publisher Becky Coffield, "and everyone who reads it enjoys it. But the sales have just not matched the book's extraordinary potential. The original cover was beautiful, no doubt, but it just didn't "grab" people. When folks would be in our booth browsing books, the cover did not "call" to them. I think the new cover will change that."

Coffield had hoped that the author's efforts at grass roots sales would ignite the book, especially after it was named a finalist in the Colorado Writers Contest, a rather prestigious contest. "I think we will see the book start to move," said Coffield. "It's certainly an excellent book. It's kind of a hybrid between Western adventure, suspense, and romance. It has absolutely everything and is very historically accurate on top of it!" The new cover will be available on the trade paperback addition shortly. Meanwhile, it is displayed on the ebook format...except for Nook that doesn't want to cooperate with a new upload.


Moonlight Mesa's annual Cowboy Up Short Story Contest officially closes September 1st. Don't delay in getting your blazingly hot western story in on time. Guidelines are on the publisher's website: 

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