Monday, April 23, 2012

Free Shipping on Book Orders from Moonlight Mesa Associates, Western Book Publisher

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all mail or phone orders for books. Email, too. “Basically, contact us if you want any books, and they’ll be shipped free,” said publisher Becky Coffield. The offer includes all books except the Casey Tibbs—Born to Ride title, both the trade paperback and hardbound.

“Order as many books as you like,” Coffield said. “The shipping and handling are on us.”

Although the offer does not extend to vendors who receive a discount on the titles, it does apply to everyone else.

Usually the company has a “Sizzling Summer Sale,” but this summer the publisher expects to be out of town a lot. “It’s just easier to mail the books and not have to remember how much shipping I’m supposed to charge for each different book,” Coffield said.

As a result of the free shipping, the books are not so deeply discounted, but even at the slightly higher cost people will save money on their orders if they order by mail, phone, or email. It’s still possible to pay via PayPal, and just transfer the funds.

“If people elect to use a credit card, however, the shipping rates will be added. We can’t take the credit card hit and the shipping, too,” Coffield said. “So, save money and buy from us direct. Books will be signed that way also!”

The mail order form can be downloaded from the company’s website: Emails for books can be sent to our web address, and phone orders can be called in to 928-231-9664. Be patient, however, as the publisher will be at sea part of the time.

Although the offices will be closed at times, all orders will be filled as quickly as possible since the publisher travels with books. “Have Books—Will Travel”. That’s her motto.

  The long, long, long awaited re-issue of Life Was A Cabaret, Moonlight Mesa’s first award-winning book, has finally arrived.

“I am so happy with this book now,” Coffield said. “So so happy. It’s much more what I envisioned. When it was first published by Seaworthy Books in 2005, I was so disappointed when I held the book in hand. Now I am thrilled. It’s much better.”

The book now contains 15 photos and a larger font! The price will remain the same, $14.95, even though the book is over 50 pages longer and costs more to print. Already Captain’s Nautical Supply in Seattle has placed a NICE order.

“Fortunately, we were able to keep the original cover,” Coffield said. “The designer, Jack Davis, still had a file for that.”

Coffield admits that she made a few edits to the book, which had never been edited at all. “I didn’t change a lot, however, as so many people enjoyed the tone of the book and the way I told the story. I was careful in that regard,” she said.


After a long period of silence, Jere D. James is back at work on the fourth Jake Silver Adventure book.

James started the book quite a few months back, but unexpectedly quit work on the project. “The project took a lot of research,” James said. “I still have a lot of exploring to do in the area where the book takes place, but I think I’m ready to move right along at this point. The first six chapters are roughed in, and I like them.”

The highly popular Jake Silver Adventure series is comprised of three books so far: the wildly popular Saving Tom Black, the dark, gritty Apache, and Canyon of Death, the title that ties the three first books together.

Interest in the new book is high, according to Coffield. “We’ve had people asking about the next book, including two of our vendors. I’ve promised everyone the title will be available late in the fall. Once Jere gets to writing, it’ll move along rapidly. I’ve already informed our editor that it’ll be on her desk probably by September, and that we’ll need it asap. The cover designer, Vin Libassi, has been toying with the new cover for quite some time. We are just in a holding pattern waiting on Jere,” Coffield said. “I know from experience though, you CAN’T RUSH A BOOK! Been there, done that. Big mistake.

The new book will also be issued in ebook format and in a large-print edition.

James' book will be the last 2012 publication for Moonlight Mesa Associates.

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