Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ebook Sales Gone Wild

For the first time ever, last month sales for Moonlight Mesa Associates' ebooks topped sales for the company's paper copies.

"This is remarkable," publisher Becky Coffield said. "I don't know how I feel about it, really. I suppose I'm glad that the books are selling, but truly the ebooks are much inferior to the paperback copies. There is no comparison, in my mind. We don't even have all of our books available as ebooks, either."

Moonlight Mesa Associates, a Western Book Publisher, is meticulous about the layout and formatting of the paperback books. "When we upload them to Kindle, however, all kinds of bizarre things happen," Coffield said. "Not to mention that we basically can't put any photos in the ebooks. They just don't do well at all."

Despite the publisher's reluctance to celebrate the ebook phenomenon, she is considering Google eBooks as another source of revenue for the company's publications. "My heart will always be with the paper copies," Coffield said. "But to stay in business a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...and so does a woman."

Coffield is even considering a query to publish a book only in ebook format, with no paper copy at all. "I just think it will do fine as a small ebook. I'm still thinking about it, though," Coffield said.


Pre-publication copies of C.L."Lee" Anderson's new title, Developing the Art of Equine Communication, are now available. The book received its first glowing review from Barbra Lee last week. The article is posted on

Copies of the book are now being sent to reviewers, including Western Horseman and several other equine publications. "This is a really, really nice book. It's warm, friendly, and filled with such useful, interesting information," the publisher said. "I expect it to do extremely well, I truly do. I learned so much about horses that it's embarrassing, considering I've owned horses for over 22 years!"

(Cover Photo by Allen Patrou)


Once she made up her mind, Coffield did not lolligag in getting her first award-winning title ready for re-issue. Although adding a few more photos and putting the finishing touches on the publication are all that remain to be done, it will be at least a week yet before the book is uploaded to the printer. "We may not exactly make April 19, but it'll be close, very close," said Coffield.

Cabaret is Moonlight Mesa's first re-issue. One other title is being strongly considered for re-issue, but it will definitely be awhile. "Basically, Northern Escape, originally published by Helm Publishing, is laid out entirely wrong. I really should correct that," Coffield said. "I have a case and a half remaining of the last order from Ingram, however. Once that diminishes, I'll do the re-issue and clean that title up. That was my second award-winning book. I love that book, too."


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