Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Publisher Expectations

My small staff is constantly deserting me when it comes time to blog or tweet or facebook. So, you're stuck with me again for this blog.

Today I'd like to discuss two things: loyalty and walkin' the talk. In some ways these are both the same topic, but I'll divide them up because that's how I think.


What do I mean by author loyalty? Author loyalty is crucial to a small publishing house like Moonlight Mesa. Big houses probably don't give a rip, but a tiny publishing house like mine depends on author loyalty.

Being loyal means an author is not on the hunt for another publisher once the author's book is selected and published. We put A LOT of time, energy, and money into people's books. We don't appreciate it when an author that we've invested heavily in decides to go with a subsidy/vanity press with their next title because they've been sold a bill of goods from some big-talking sales rep. from the vanity houses.

However, let me be perfectly clear, IF we were ever approached by a "big house" to buy out one of our authors, we would not hesitate to pass that author on IF the author wanted to do so, and if we thought it would be of benefit to the author.

One of our goals in getting into this business was to do the BEST we can by any author we represent, and if that means sending them on their way to a house that can give them better marketing and sales, we're proud and happy to do so. And we do have authors whose books warrant that kind of attention.

Author loyalty means the author approaches us first with his or her new project - not last. We may not want to go in the author's direction, and then we feel fine about the person going in search of another publisher. No problem-o!

Author loyalty means if you have a problem with us, you talk to us, not bad mouth us to your pals. We are always open to conversation...just not ranting and raving and temper tantrums (and we try not to do that, too!).


Great. I just sent this out half-done. That's why my staff needs to do this blogging stuff for me.

Anyway, back to "walkin' your talk."

PLEASE don't submit a marketing plan that you can't, or won't, follow through on. Honestly, we have one author who STILL does not have a website, who has not done one promised thing! Don't make crap up. We won't like you, and quite honestly, once we get our investment back on your book, we won't work so hard at selling your book.

We make it very clear that we expect authors to participate in the selling of their books. NO ONE CAN SELL A BOOK AS WELL AS THE AUTHOR. We are MORE than generous with our author discounts and our royalties. Nowhere will you get a 50% discount or a 20% royalty. NOWHERE! (Except with us.)

Loyalty and Walkin' the Talk are two biggies to me.... Don't waste my time, energy, and money if your handshake isn't worth the time of day.


Sam's Desert Adventure was recently re-uploaded due to some undetected errors. Grrr. That was SPENDY and annoying. But, it should be letter perfect now, although I still wonder about two commas...I'm told I need to get a life.

Looks like Developing the Art of Equine Communication by C.L. "Lee" Anderson will have an official pub. date of June, 2012. Layout and formatting will begin next week most likely. If not then...the following week for certain. Pre-pub copies could be available as early as April.

LARGE PRINT EDITIONS of Saving Tom Black and Apache are selling! They are actually selling! The third novel in the Jake Silver trilogy, Canyon of Death, will be in a LARGE PRINT EDITION this summer.

Gold Rush Days was this past weekend in Wickenburg. This was Moonlight Mesa's first event of 2012, and we were definitely in the mood for it. The weather cooperated, too! All things came together and this ended up being the BEST event we've ever had. We had our best one day sales, and best event overall!!

Next weekend we're doing the Wickenburg Gun Show. Hmmm. I don't expect a repeat of last weekend, to be honest. I'll be happy with even moderate sales. Yippee!!!!!

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