Sunday, January 15, 2012

Publisher Signs New Author


Moonlight Mesa publisher, Becky Coffield, met this past week with C.L. "Lee" Anderson to discuss terms of the new contract between the two. Both parties were amicable to changes made to the original contract offer. "The changes were just fine," Coffield said. "I have absolutely no problem with them. It's a much better contract now. It actually protects me more!"

Anderson, the author of Developing the Art of Equine Communication, is a former cowboy, horse trainer, and aeronautical engineer. "He puts on clinics and demonstrations on a regular basis for groups with his horse, Concho. He is, for all intents and purposes, still a highly regarded trainer," Coffield said. Anderson's horse, a thoroughbred and former race horse, was badly injured in a racetrack accident four years ago. According to Anderson, the horse went head over heels a number of times and sustained terrific battering and bruising. Anderson took the horse, which had no further economic value as far as racing goes, and guided the animal into becoming the most entertaining, agreeable, companionable equine imaginable.

"I have seen this horse in person," Coffield said. "He is remarkable. Truly remarkable."

"This is a dynamite book. It's written in a friendly, folksly style, easy to understand, and filled with information and ideas that any equine owner will find helpful and usable, especially the novice horse owner," Coffield said, "or the individual who may be a proficient rider but doesn't understand the horse much."


For all those clamoring for the new Moonlight Mesa young reader publication, Sam's Desert Adventure, the book should arrive by the end of next week. "We've had one snafu after another with this book," Coffield said. "I've never seen anything like it. To make matters worse, there are about 4 commas I question, so we'll undoubtedly have to upload again. Drats. I can't help being obsessive about our publications!"


Jere D. James' highly popular Apache, the second book in the Jake Silver series, is now available in a LARGE PRINT EDITION. The third title in the series, Canyon of Death, should be available in LARGE PRINT by fall.


Author Jere D. James has been loafing, by all accounts, but insists Canyon of Death will be ready for print this year.

Rusty Richards, author of Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride, has had a rough patch and been under the weather for quite a spell. We're all sending Rusty our thoughts for a full and speedy recovery!

Author Paula Silici, A Way in the Wilderness, is making steady progress in her sales. Silici, a professional editor ( blogs for Talking Writing.


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