Thursday, January 5, 2012

Publisher Creates New Imprint: Moonlight Writers Press

While it's not final, it's looking like it will be. Publisher Becky Coffield announced earlier this week that she is strongly considering creating a new imprint for Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. The new imprint would be Moonlight Writers Press.

"The purpose of this imprint is very simple," Coffield said. "It would be the imprint we will use to publish people's books that are NOT for sale. I get requests now and then from people who want their memoirs/biography/poetry etc. published, but they only want to give it to their family and friends."

In the past, Coffield has turned down these kinds of requests. "I don't want to be known as a subsidy publisher," Coffield said. "Yet, I can see that some people have been horribly ripped off by unscrupulous publishers who have not done right by the authors. I guess my goal is to provide a service that is AFFORDABLE, and that produces a book the person can be proud of. And, by creating an imprint just for this specific kind of job, I don't have to be concerned with Moonlight Mesa Associates being labeled a 'subsidy' publisher."

The publisher is quick to add: "If the writer wants his/her book sold, however, that is a different matter and a different standard the work must rise to."

All books under the new imprint will have a professionally designed cover and will be edited. The books will not be assigned an ISBN, nor will they be registered with the Library of Congress. The author can order all the copies he or she wants, but the book will not be released for general distribution.

"Of course, now that we've come to this decision, no one will probably call for months and months. That's okay, too. I have plenty of work to keep me busy," Coffield said.


After a great deal of fussing, fuming, and gnashing of teeth, a proof copy of Sam's Desert Adventure is en route. "Oh my gosh. We had so much trouble with this title. First, the fonts wouldn't embed. Unbeknownst to me, when using Adobe Acrobat Pro X to convert files to a PDF, it appears you have to choose a different file than the Standard file to get the fonts to embed. Well, once I figured that out things got a bit better...two uploads later. Then there was a problem with the cover, and of course my cover guy was in California, not at his computer in just took forever."

The proof copy should arrive early next week. If there are no glaring errors, the book will be ordered and will be available by late January.

Also now available in a LARGE PRINT EDITION is Jere D. James' very popular Apache, the second book in the Jake Silver Adventure Series. The third title in the series, Canyon of Death, will be uploaded to LARGE PRINT later this year.


Coffield is in the process of signing Lee Anderson, author of a book on equine communication. "We're very excited about this book. I think it's wonderful. We have a lot of plans for it," Coffield said. "Lee's writing is very friendly and folksy. It's easy to understand, and the information is invaluable."

Still in the wings is Jerry Tindell, who is working on a book about mule training.

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