Saturday, December 3, 2011


How things change, especially in the publishing industry, where every single day brings new MARKETING ideas, gimmicks, markets, and innovations. Some of these new "things" are worth exploring, but the catch is finding the right ones that work for your book(s)or company. The task can be overwhelmingly time-consuming.

The main issue in publishing, as I have said here many times, is not in getting a book published. The issue is in SELLING THE DANG THINGS once they're in print. No easy task for the vast majority of small publishing houses and self-publishers.

Time was when Moonlight Mesa Associates, a Western Book Publisher, worked on a miniscule budget but made a few bucks because we focused on grass roots activities. We depended on our authors to carry their fair share of the workload. Some did. Some didn't, despite their well-laid out marketing plans and promises. As our company slowly expanded, however, we abandoned the safety of grass roots marketing and moved into the big-boy arenas of marketing. We spent lavishly on magazine ads that rarely produced the expected results; we traveled farther and farther afield to attend events that often resulted in marginal profits, and we wasted hundreds of hours meddling in social media and seeking vendors for our products.

After recently spending eleven days lounging in Cabo San Lucas, swimming and watching the ocean ceaselessly ebb and flow, it became abundantly clear that Moonlight Mesa needs to return to its more profitable grass roots marketing progam. Forget the mailings. Forget the ads. Forget the travel. Forget the hours on the net tweeting and Facebooking (something everyone here deplored doing anyway). I guess this is what is sometimes called the KISS method of marketing: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Grass roots is what made us. Grass roots is what will save us.

We are on our way. :)

Becky, the Publisher

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