Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Publisher Puts Mules in the News


Just one day back from an 11 day motorcycle circumnavigation of Colorado, Moonlight Mesa Western Book Publisher Becky Coffield has signed "Jonah Arizona" for a young reader mule book. "We're not certain of the exact age group for this new title, so I told the author to just write the book then we'll do a Frye's Reading Assessment on it and figure out the age group. We can adjust the pictures for the book accordingly," said Coffield.

Not surprisingly, Moonlight Mesa's long time cover designer, Vin Libassi, will be doing the cover and the interior illustrations. Paula Silici, Moonlight Mesa's editor-in-chief, will be doing the editing. "Young reader books must be flawless," Coffield said. "Librarians will be reading this. Teachers will read it. It must be flawless. I know Paula is a stickler for perfection. That's why we use her," Coffield said.

Coffield hopes to have the book out by late spring of 2012. "I'd LOVE to take it with us when we do Mule Days in Bishop, CA.," the publisher said. "But, I do know you can't rush a book. Still, there should be plenty of time."


Jerry Tindell, mule trainer extraordinaire, plans to write his first book on mules, and Moonlight Mesa plans to publish it. "I'm very excited about this project. I hope Jerry can find the time and energy to do this. This will be a top selling book, I have no doubt whatsoever," the publisher said. Tindell writes regularly for Mules and More Magazine. "His articles are terrific. His book will be terrific, too," Coffield said. "We just have to get him to sit down and do it! He's a very busy man!"


"Mule-ish" t-shirts will soon be available. T-shirts will be available only from Moonlight Mesa on the website. The winning entry in the t-shirt contest was: If you don't read, you won't know your ass from a hole in the ground. The entry was submitted by Vin Libassi. Runner up in the contest was Tom Coffield's entry: Only asses don't read. Third place in the competition was Barbara Miller's: Don't be muleish! Buy our books!

"This will be a fun addition to our booth when we do Arts and Craft events, or book events, whatever. I've already taken five orders!" Coffield said.


For a variety of reasons, Moonlight Mesa will not have another two week closure in August. "We have too many things coming up to close down again. It'll take me at least two weeks to get caught up from our last closure," Coffield said. "We will be closing for about five days, but certainly not for two weeks. Not having anyone in the office makes it very difficult to be gone for so long, and to take two excursions so close to each other just isn't good for business. Bummer."

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