Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moonlight Mesa Eases into Social Media

Dragging her heels all the way, Moonlight Mesa Western Book Publisher Becky Coffield has finally eased into the world of Social Media. Moonlight Mesa has a twitter account (and all of 107 followers - whoopee!) and has a page on Becky Coffield's Facebook account.

"I just don't get all this stuff," Coffield said. "When do people find the time to do this? I feel like I've entered the twilight zone! I will say, though, that there are some interesting conversations that occur sometimes. Usually the political ones."

Two of Moonlight Mesa's authors participate on Facebook. The most active participant is J.R. Sanders, author of The Littlest Wrangler. Paula L. Silici, author of A Way in the Wilderness also has a Facebook page. And, wonders never cease, the reclusive Jere D. James recently joined the media mixing. James also has a twitter account, but no one is sure if he actually tweets or not!

"I can see that a person needs to learn how to use this media, to schedule a certain amount of time for it. I can see that it could eat up a whole day, otherwise. I suppose if you are seriously marketing or working the sites, that could happen," Coffield said.

Oh, anybody who wants to be Coffield's friend can go to At least, that's what she SAID the address was. Who knows for sure. She doesn't. But, she did start a group: Western Book Readers. You can join that and not even be her friend!


Moonlight Mesa's monthly newsletter is just now getting out to some of the recipients. One batch of readers received their newsletter late last week. The other batch has yet to be sent. It'll be sent today. Email Moonlight Mesa if you'd like a copy of the monthly newsletter. It's FREE!!

Besides articles about the company, the newsletter often features individuals or other organizations. This month National Day of the Cowboy was featured. Here's a sampling of the article:


Over the past year, we’ve blogged about NDOC (National Day of the Cowboy) and also discussed it in this newsletter. After years of hard work, this fledgling dream of Bethany Brayley’s is now becoming a reality.

This past year, several more states have formally adopted the NDOC. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and many municipalities in California have recognized and adopted this day that honors the cowboy. Brayley has been able to attend almost all of these formal legislative actions thanks in part to generous donations for her travel. NDOC is a nonprofit organization that has survived on a whim and a dream.

This last month, one Barnes and Noble store took an active part in the NDOC day by sponsoring a large signing of Western authors. This event was spearheaded by Moonlight Mesa’s own J.R. Sanders.

For those interested in learning more about the NDOC, we recommend going directly to the website. It’s simple, and inexpensive, to join this organization. The mission statement is clear and its purpose is noble. The West, and all of its lore, is revered by many people in the world. Why is it not more honored here, where it all took place?

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  1. I'll try to find and join your Western Book Readers Group.