Monday, June 13, 2011

LARGE PRINT Book Now a Reality


Never one to let grass grow under her feet, publisher Becky Coffield is charging ahead with the company's first LARGE PRINT book, Saving Tom Black. Coffield hopes to have the book available by early July.

The book will be in the 6 x 9 trade paperback format. The new large print edition runs 352 pages, and will retail for $19.95. "I hated to raise the price, but the book is very expensive to print because it's now so long," Coffield said.

"I'm excited about this little venture. If the book sells at all, I think we'll proceed with Apache and Canyon of Death. We really should do the Casey Tibbs book, but we'd have to ask as much for it as we do the hardbound edition due to its length," Coffield said. "Again, this is really only possible because the author, Jere D. James, is very flexible about his royalty...and lack thereof."


Defying the summer slump, Moonlight Mesa's sales were strong in May and are looking even stronger this month. "I don't know what's accounting for this," Coffield commented, "unless it's sales from being at Mule Days. We often have a spike in sales after a big event, but this is looking to be a GREAT month at this rate."

Ingram sales have been good, and Kindle sales are holding steady.

The publisher has no events scheduled this summer until Labor Day weekend, where the Coffield and at least one author will be in Pine Top/Lakeside for a holiday weekend event.

"If the weather holds, and the fire gets contained, I think Pine Top could be a good event for us!" said Coffield.


Get a grip on yourself over this one. Now there's a third winner in the mule slogan contest which technically closed over a month ago. This week's winning entry was submitted by none other than Moonlight Mesa's cover designer, Vin Libassi. Vin's slogan is: "If you don't read you won't know your ass from a hole in the ground." Now that's FUNNY!!


Northern Conspiracy and Canyon of Death will both be in Kindle format by mid-July at the latest, according to the publisher. "I finally figured out how to get those dang books uploaded without all kinds of spacing issues!!!! It's called mobipocket. I really should re-do all the Kindle books...bummer. I wonder if I'll ever really do that?"

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