Sunday, May 1, 2011

Publishing News and Views


It's now official: Canyon of Death, Jere D. James' third manuscript in the Jake Silver series, has been sent to the editor-in-chief. The book was completed in record time, due to certain "pressures from the publisher". Ideally, the book will be available in July if there are no snafus along the way. Reviews will not be in yet by publication date, but the book will be allowed a limited run and then will be reissued with the reviews.

Jere James has not committed to whether he will write another Jake Silver novel, but he has signed another three book deal with Moonlight Mesa Associates, and has agreed to one Western book a year for the next three years, although there is some leeway in the agreement.

Jere also agreed to resume blogging once a month, and to at least try to tweet.


Moonlight Mesa publisher Becky Coffield has once again changed the company's summer schedule. Originally Coffield had planned on a month long book tour in Colorado, but due to the escalating price of fuel, Coffield cancelled and decided to take the summer off. Now, however, the publisher is booking several events for the summer. One will most likely be in Prescott over the 4th of July, and one will be in Pine Top over Labor Day. There will more than likely be one more in August, but the location has yet to be decided upon.

In addition, the publisher is looking at an event in October, two events in November, and one event in December. The November and December events will be in Cave Creek, but the October event is as yet undetermined.

Ideally the publisher will take her mascot, Bouquet, on several of these events and extend her stay so she can ride her mule in the high country of Arizona, where the temperatures are more agreeable.


Winner of the mule slogan contest is Barbara Miller of Wickenburg. Her slogan was: Don't be MULEISH about buying our books. Or something like that. Barbara wins one free copy of any Moonlight Mesa publication that she wants. Runner up in the slogan contest was Betty Watt also of Wickenburg.


A couple of changes will be made to Moonlight Mesa's website which will benefit anyone looking for a tremendous buy on books.

Shortly, book prices will be adjusted on six titles. The Ben Thomas trilogy titles will sell for $12.95, $3.00 below the retail price of $15.95. In addition, if all three books are purchased at once, shipping will be free. This will only be available, however, if one uses the mail order form.

The same price break will occur with the Jere D. James books: Individual books will be priced $3.00 below retail price of $15.95 each. If all three are ordered at the same time, using the mail order form, shipping will be free. (The third title in the Jere D. James' books, however, will not be available until July.)

That's a tremendous savings, very competitive with Amazon, and on top of it all, the Jere D. James books and R.L. Coffield titles will be signed.

If books are purchased individually, the price will be $12.95, but the shipping will not be free.

These two trilogies make wonderful gifts! Be sure to remember this for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays.

Also, Award-Winning Tales and A Way in the Wilderness will continue to be priced at $16.95 each, that's $3.00 off the retail price of $19.95 per book. The price reduction on these two titles is temporary, but will be good through the spring.

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